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How is a three-way speaker better than a two-way speaker?

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With the continuous development and improvement of science and technology, the once unattainable sound quality effect is no longer so far away. Even some relatively cheap mid-to-low-end speakers can bring some good sound quality experience. Good speakers can make the sound. It is more real, and the sound details are also richer. However, with the continuous development of technology, a three-way speaker appears in front of people. Compared with traditional two-way speakers, what are the advantages of three-way speakers? What should our ordinary consumers pay more attention to when buying speaker products?

First of all, we have to figure out, what is a two-frequency divider and what is a three-frequency divider? The two-frequency divider is composed of a high-pass filter and a low-pass filter, and the three-frequency divider adds a band-pass filter, because the filter presents a kind of slope with a certain slope near the frequency divider. Attenuation characteristics, theoretically require the filter's attenuation rate to be as large as possible. This is because the intersection of the attenuation phase of adjacent counties is called the crossover point, and there is an overlapped frequency band near the crossover point. In a relatively low frequency band near the point, two speakers will sound together. When the response of the speakers is smooth, the attenuation characteristics of the crossover are also ideal. The larger the single attenuation rate, the more components, the more complex the structure, and the more difficult the adjustment.

How is a three-way speaker better than a two-way speaker?

Therefore, compared with the treble and bass of the two-way speaker, the three-way speaker will have three high-mid tones, and the transition process will be smoother and softer. If the speaker response has peaks and valleys, there will be no two obvious cliff sounds in the sense of hearing. Especially when listening to relatively soft vocals, the ethereal and tactile effect is better, but at the same time it is more difficult to choose a speaker, and the cost and technical difficulty have to increase a lot.

Theoretically speaking, the two-way frequency divider is simple in structure, smaller in size, and the cost is lower than the three-way speaker, but the disadvantage is that the sound level is insufficient. The transition between the high, middle and low frequencies of the three-way frequency is more peaceful, but the requirements for the frequency divider are more stringent, and the quality and technical requirements for the frequency divider are higher, and the cost is naturally higher.
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