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On the Art of Space Sound Application of Monitor Speakers

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Space sound configuration
Sound waves have the same principle as mirroring, and both have reflection characteristics. The sound we hear in the indoor space actually surrounds the room for a long time before it reaches the ears. Some of the sound waves will gradually increase after reflection, while others will be suppressed; different sound waves will change according to their characteristics. Any flat surface (blackboard, wall, ceiling, etc.) may cause abnormal sound wave reflection, so you should carefully choose the material of the sound insulation when setting up the monitor sound. And through the correct sound settings to balance the excessive sound wave reflection in the space, you can greatly enhance your monitoring environment. Many people use extra space in bedrooms or other square-shaped spaces as recording studios. Unfortunately, when the walls in the space are parallel, so-called "standing waves" are often generated. This phenomenon occurs when two sound waves are reflected back from another parallel interface, causing the "synchronization cancellation" phenomenon to interfere with the amplitude of the sound waves in the space. Although this type of sound setting can cause many problems, it is feasible to transform a square-shaped space into the correct monitor sound configuration. That is to say, you can make adjustments and make adjustments by understanding the characteristics of the sound in the space. The effect of sound reflection is reduced to a low level.

All the sounds we hear in our ears are the result of a combination of direct transmission and reflection transmission of sound waves. The reflection of the sound wave will not only strengthen its own frequency, but also reduce the frequency of other sound waves. You can sit closer to the monitor speakers or install the monitor speakers closer to yourself, so that you can hear more directly transmitted sound waves and receive less reflected sound waves (when you change the monitor Please remember to maintain a positive triangle angle with the monitor speaker).

Sound configuration processing

All indoor spaces require some degree of sound configuration processing. Sometimes you just need to use careful furnishings like sofas, bookshelves and other indoor furniture to complete simple sound configuration processing. However, in most cases, to effectively eliminate sound wave reflection, you must rely on materials that have sound absorption and prevent sound waves from spreading. Proper sound configuration processing can effectively reduce the frequency of acoustic reflections in indoor spaces while eliminating unnecessary echoes.

On the Art of Space Sound Application of Monitor Speakers

Sound-absorbing device
The purpose of installing the sound-absorbing device is to offset the partly reflected annoying sound waves through the sound-absorbing material, and the sound-absorbing device cannot achieve the effect of complete sound insulation. Like heavy cloth, glass fiber, sound-absorbing foam-these materials have the effect of absorbing medium and high frequency sound. These materials can be easily attached to the wall or ceiling, while effectively reducing the sound reflection. Roughly two-inch sound-absorbing foam can absorb about 500HZ sound waves-while four-inch sound-absorbing cotton can only absorb about 250HZ sound waves. After preparing the sound-absorbing material for the installation, first check any potential sound wave reflection points in your monitoring environment that may cause sound waves to reflect. Then check whether there are any surfaces that can easily reflect the sound waves in the direction of the monitoring position. Generally, side walls, back walls, and walls behind the monitor speakers are most likely to cause problems. These areas should be equipped with sound-absorbing fabrics.

You can install the sound-absorbing cotton on the splint, and the wall can be installed with sound-absorbing cotton about four to six inches long-no need to change the wall to effectively enhance the monitoring environment. In addition, you can even install a temporary soundproof room to record the human voice by resetting the splint.
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