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Are you stuck in the four major misunderstandings of buying home theater speakers?

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More and more people tend to set up home theaters at home. When setting up a home theater, the choice of speakers is the most common problem. A set of equipment is expensive. You need to pay special attention when choosing. Here are four major misunderstandings about speakers.

Misunderstanding 1: The greater the power, the better
Speakers also have the problem of different power labeling methods. At present, there are two main power labeling methods commonly used in the market, one is PMPO power, and the other is RMS power. Among them, PMPO peak music output power (PMPO) is the output power calculated by the peak voltage that the music signal can reach at the moment; and RMS refers to the rated output power of the speaker, that is, the power amplifier circuit of the speaker is within the rated distortion range. Larger power output continuously. Whether using RMS or PMPO to identify power, the two methods actually have their own advantages and disadvantages. But many friends think that the higher the power of the speaker, the better the sound will be. In fact, just like the problem of power supply, reasonable power reserve makes the machine work more easily. However, excessive reserves will undoubtedly become a waste. Another point is, don't confuse RMS with PMPO. The concepts of the two powers are different and should not be confused.

Misunderstanding 2: Electronic crossover is good
When electronic crossover technology was introduced to multimedia 2.0 speakers, how many people cheered for it, as if electronic crossover technology is the last word to improve sound quality. However, it seems a bit of an exaggeration that the speaker can be transformed into a "superman" by electronic crossover alone. According to audio-visual workers, electronic crossover (or active or active crossover) has the following advantages: 1. Improved transient response; 2. The working frequency band of each amplifier becomes narrower; 3. The possibility of low frequency overload is reduced; 4. The dynamic range is improved; 5. Intermodulation distortion is small; 6. The sensitivity of each unit is easy to control six major advantages. But don't forget that nothing is made up of a single element, and the same is true for speakers. In addition to the electronic crossover design on the circuit of a product, if the design of its speaker unit, cabinet structure, power distribution, etc. are not well matched, the effect will naturally not be very good. Therefore, electronic frequency division can be said to be just a hype concept. Whether a speaker is good or bad, it cares whether its sound matches your ears.

Are you stuck in the four major misunderstandings of buying home theater speakers?

Misunderstanding 3: The wood of the cabinet is better than the plastic
At present, the cabinet is mainly made of wood and plastic. Through subjective judgment, most people will choose wooden cabinet, because wood is a traditional material for speaker cabinets. It has excellent characteristics such as non-deformation and smooth surface. But first of all, let everyone be clear that the wooden cabinet mentioned here does not refer to the cabinet made of logs. There are very few speakers in the world that actually use logs to make the cabinet, because the quality of naturally grown logs is not good. Stable, therefore, most of the speaker cabinets are made of particleboard and other materials. As for the plastic box that is often criticized, it is not necessarily worse than the wooden box. First of all, plastic has great advantages in styling. The use of plastic to make a box can easily create a variety of peculiar shapes. The strength issue that everyone is worried about depends on the plastic used in the actual product. With the current technology, it is actually no problem to make a plastic that is harder than iron. The only thing to worry about is the cost. Therefore, whether it is a plastic box or a wooden box, there is no good or bad, as long as the design is reasonable.

Misunderstanding 4: Foreign brands of speakers are better than Chinese brands
In the eyes of Chinese people, foreign brands have always been considered better than domestic ones, so when buying speakers, they also tend to choose foreign brands. In fact, in the multimedia speaker industry, domestic brands have an advantage in terms of price, quality or design, so you don't have to be fond of foreigners. The key is still to look at your own likes, if you have a particularly trusted brand, you can also try.
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