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Audio equipment purchase-high, middle and low monitor speakers

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Monitor speakers are speakers that have not been rendered with timbre rendering (tone dyeing), but they are different from high-fidelity. Monitoring is equivalent to full-fidelity. The monitor speaker is a kind of professional audio equipment. Its characteristic is that it can restore the sound of the high, medium and low frequency bands in a balanced manner, without any modification or rendering of the sound playback, and faithfully restore the audio signal.

Audio equipment purchase-high, middle and low monitor speakers

The monitor speaker is mainly used for program monitoring in control rooms and recording studios. It has the characteristics of small distortion, wide and flat frequency response, and little modification of the signal, so it can most truly reproduce the original appearance of the program. This kind of speakers is not very optimistic in our civilian field. On the one hand, most of us like to listen to the exaggerated and modified sound of the speakers. On the other hand, this kind of speakers is too expensive.

One aspect is actually a misunderstanding of the monitor speakers. If the music producer has processed the sound to be pleasing to the ear, the monitor speakers can also hear the modified effect. Obviously, monitor speakers are trying to faithfully restore the ideas of the music producer, and what you hear is what he wants you to hear. Therefore, the general public likes to spend the same price to buy a guy that sounds more pleasing to people's ears, but this has actually destroyed the original intention of the creator. So people who have a certain understanding of speakers prefer monitor speakers.
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