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20 points to pay attention to in 2021 Amazon seller account registration

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2021 has arrived. I believe that many small partners are preparing to enter the Amazon industry. For novices or practitioners with some operational experience, the first step to register a store is a headache:

"Why doesn't the investment manager return the information? Is there any problem with my information? What should I fill in here?"

We have also received many inquiries from small partners on whether we can do the business of registering stores on behalf of others.

Just like answering your questions every time, you can do it yourself as long as you register a store in accordance with Amazon's requirements. The registration process does not cost money, so don't be afraid of trouble. Because even if we open a store, we still have a lot of trouble in order to do Amazon well. We must start ourselves at the first level.

In order to make it clearer and more convenient for everyone to register for an account, today I will share with you how to register an Amazon seller account in 2021.

Today's sharing content mainly refers to and summarizes the official Amazon registration information, as well as the requirements of the investment manager on registration information.

First of all, before registering a store, please come to Amazon's official global store seller university and browse the relevant content.



Four basic preparation materials for seller registration account in 2021
It is recommended that small partners who want to register an Amazon seller account must prepare the above four basic information before starting to apply for an account

10 points to register through the investment manager
1. Ensure a stable and dedicated network environment.

20 points to pay attention to in 2021 Amazon seller account registration

Stability means that it is not recommended to use VPN and VPS to register an account (you can use it after the account is registered and stable operation for a period of time), the IP changes and the network speed is slow;

A dedicated network environment means that you should not use a computer or network that has registered an Amazon seller account, and be careful not to be associated with Amazon. It is recommended to use Chrome browser or Firefox browser, and clear the browser's cache (cookies) before registering.

2. Must operate in compliance. For specific requirements, please refer to the relevant regulations on operating requirements in the Amazon Global Store Seller University.

3. It is recommended that the seller keep the purchase invoice, in case they need to provide relevant evidence when encountering category review or store review.

4. For the text input during the registration process, it is recommended to fill in pinyin without special requirements, and input Chinese characters for the part that requires input of Chinese characters

5. If you have any questions during the registration process, you can first click Get Help in the lower left corner, contact Amazon customer service to get an accurate response, and continue to register.

6. If your company name is longer during the registration process, you can omit the previous provinces and cities and write only your company name

7. When filling in the address in the corporate information, do not exceed 35 characters, and try to write the address in the first column of the address column.

The system can only grab the first 35 characters, and the excess part may not be saved.

8. Fill in the seller's information. If the ID card with the seller's information is valid for a long time, just select the farthest date within the time range.

Regarding the residential address, the default is the same as the company’s business address. If not, you can choose to add a new address

9. When filling in the debit credit card information, please note the following:

(1) The card can be used for international payments, which can be paid in the currency of the country of the corresponding site, such as U.S. dollars and British pounds

(2) The card is still valid and has sufficient quota

(3) Confirm to activate the online payment function

(4) The charging address must be the same as the credit card billing address

(5) Credit card holders in North America and Japan do not need to be the same person as the account registration. Corporate accounts can also be debited with personal credit cards

10. Fill in the deposit method information.

The receiving account must be able to receive local currency, and the UK site can accept GBP; the receiving account in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, etc. can receive Euros

10 points to pass self-registration

1. For site identity verification, the documents submitted must be scanned in color on paper.

2. Two materials that must be prepared during video call verification:

The original ID card and Chinese business license showing the name of the legal representative submitted during registration.

3. When verifying postcards, fill in the address for receiving postcards in Chinese. Most sellers often report that they cannot receive postcards because your address is too long. By default, the system can only capture the first 35 characters, so everyone is filling in Be careful when receiving the address.

4. After completing the identity verification, the North American station must provide tax information and deposit method information before completing the entire shop opening process;

Japan/Australia stations need to provide deposit method information; if KYC is triggered on European stations, KYC review must be completed first

5. Video verification time can be changed

6. If the time is not suitable when choosing video verification, you can log in again every other day, the system will refresh the new appointment time, and you can choose

7. The person participating in the video call may not be a legal person or a company employee, but there must be a social security record to prove the relationship between the employee and the company

8. There are three opportunities for postcard verification

9. If the postcard is not received on the specified date, there are three chances to resend it

10. After getting the postcard, the OTP code is filled in incorrectly, you can have three chances to change it

The above are the 20 points that you must pay attention to when registering your account this year. I wish you all the success to get the store.
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