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When buying a bass speaker, you have to consider these things

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The current small box head also has amazing functions and energy

Remember that one of my "bass speakers" was only two dollars. What I did at the time: Because I already had a bass from a second-hand store, I went to the local electrical store and bought a 1/4" Y-type adapter to input the bass to my parents. In the stereo speakers (this is what I used to be "bass speakers"). I can use the "play" button of this set of speakers to monitor the bass, or press the "pause" button to stop the sound output. But then I I realized that this tape drive-based "speaker" system is too limited, so I finally decided to buy a real bass speaker.

At that time, I was just a 13-year-old kid who was still groping on the road of music, and even playing the piano was only occasional. But dreams are the driving force above all else. Even though I have no money and no knowledge of equipment, I started to wander around the piano shop looking for suitable bass speakers for me. Fortunately, my hard work finally paid off-I bought a 12-watt Fender Musicmaster speaker.

Of course that was just another beginning. It didn't take long before I felt that I needed more powerful and richer equipment. When I was 16 years old, I bought a Peavey Mark IV box head and a pair of 2x15 boxes for the outdoor performance that I planned. I also drove my own station wagon for performances, but moving the equipment between the bedroom and the RV was not an interesting job. In the past few years, I have tried many integrated cabinets, amps and speakers. I even tried keyboard speakers for the ideal sound.

Faced with the wide variety of tones today, the purchase of speakers may be an extremely troublesome task. Here I will use my past experience to provide some suggestions for you who are still worried about the speakers.

What is your goal?

First of all, you should think about why you are buying. Is the current speaker unreliable and it is cheaper than the maintenance cost to replace it? If you want to buy speakers, quality is a very important factor to consider. Mine has never experienced the situation of speakers being scrapped in the middle of a performance. It is as important as your beloved car, so it needs to be well maintained, but one day you will get a better quality one.

Some reasons for buying are a little more subtle: "The guitarist changed to a newer and more powerful guitar case, so I want to have a better one." In fact, this shouldn't just be thinking about "equipment". Unless you are using a 5-watt practice speaker, the "decibel" competition will only be a vicious circle: it is not that the rougher the sound, the better, and it is difficult for the musicians to sustain such a strong sound for a long time. Everyone knows that updating equipment is for better performance, but the form of music is not a self-consciousness, but a synergy of common integration. Remember, it's not just the deafening volume that expresses the strength of the music.

When buying a bass speaker, you have to consider these things

In the last case, buying speakers may be your impulse. You just buy and buy and ignore the practicality. Yes, you did run many shows and played very hard. This is the reward you deserve. But it's better to think carefully about everything. Do you just want it?

Focus on practicality

Is this one of your speakers? Then it must be an exciting thing, but don't rush to take it home. There are still issues that need to be seriously considered before this.

Where are the speakers used? This question may seem stupid, but there is a lot to think about. Is it for performances or for personal use at home? Are you going to use it to play jazz, rock or acoustic guitar? Maybe you want to use a speaker to cover it all, so how are you going to take it to the show? Subway, car or van?

Fortunately, we live in such an advanced and avant-garde age, and there are many speaker designs to choose from. I personally prefer the thickness of large speakers, but the development of small speakers is also surprising enough. Maybe the lack of a large speaker wall is not satisfactory, but don't underestimate the small speakers. The functions that were only used on large speakers in the past are now available for small speakers, such as DI, compression effect, AUX interface and so on.

At the same time, the bass speakers have become more streamlined. Lighter materials and innovative speaker design make the speakers reduce the overall weight while still maintaining most of the original sound quality. It is difficult for bass players to streamline speakers, because we like "heavy". But again, look back at your list of needs and choose the one that suits you best right now. If you don’t often hold performances in large venues, then large speakers may not be a better choice; on the contrary, a small speaker that can be expanded and upgraded in the future is completely different. The bottom and top can also be equipped with a 15-watt and Two 10-watt boxes.
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