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A good way to identify sound quality: six tips to teach you to identify the sound quality of speakers

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The term "sound quality" is generally interpreted as sound quality. However, in audio technology, it contains three aspects: (1) the pitch of the sound, that is, the intensity and amplitude of the audio; (2) the pitch of the sound, that is, the frequency of the audio or the number of changes per second; (3) the tone of the sound, that is, the audio Overtone or harmonic components. To judge the sound quality of an audio product, it is mainly to measure whether the above three aspects of the sound have reached a certain level.

Liu Hansheng, a well-qualified audio master in Taiwan, once wrote an article "What is a good sound?" for a large number of beginners. Through his own 20 years of "reading countless devices" experience, he pointed out: Although everyone Your listening taste will be very different, but as long as you have mastered the following 6-character tips of "three wrongs and three pairs", you can buy speakers according to your own listening experience, and you don't have to care about other people's miscellaneous suggestions.

1. The high-pitched voice is wrong
Does the violin sound sharp? Whether you have experience listening to violin or not, I want to tell you, — definitely not. If you don’t believe it, you can go to the restaurant in the hotel and listen to the violin, piano, and cello performances that are often there to see if they are harsh? I promise not. Will the vocals be harsh? No! But, why does the store have the sensation of tearing the ears when the soprano or tenor is put on? That is distortion! The human voice is so thick and beautiful, how can it be harsh? Don't worry about what others say, as long as the human voice is harsh. Human voices and violins can’t be harsh. Will other cellos, flutes, wood pipes and copper pipes be harsh? Of course not! So, you have to say loudly and confidently: No, they are too harsh!

2. It is wrong to shrink the voice
"Shrunken" can be said in Southern Fujian dialect. In other words, the voice cannot be released, it is always crowded, and it is not open and wide enough. These are the manifestations of the voice shrinking. If you go to a concert hall to listen to a concert, the sound of the orchestra cannot be heard from the stage. Is this concert hall design correct? Of course not! The same reason, the function of the speaker and amplifier is to send music to Every corner of the room. If the sound you hear cannot be transmitted through the speaker, or the sound is always squeezed into the two speakers, there is no need to doubt it, there must be a problem. Of course the voice in question is not bought.

Three, as long as the sound is dead, it is wrong

Have you ever heard of anyone playing music that is lifeless and lacking vitality? If there are such performers or orchestras, it is impossible for a record company to invite them to record. The music played by a person who can record must be full of vitality and life. Whether he is playing the Adagio or they are playing in an ensemble quietly, the music must be full of strength and tension, and there must be active pulsation in the music instead of lifelessness. If the sound you hear keeps feeling awkward and dying, then you must not buy such a speaker. Something is wrong with them. You have the right to buy audio equipment with a lively sound and comfortable sound. As for why the sound is so deadly? You don't have to worry about this, just leave these questions to the store to study.

A good way to identify sound quality: six tips to teach you to identify the sound quality of speakers

Four, as long as the voice is sweet, it is right
The sound is sweet? Is it as sweet as red bean soup or mung bean soup? Is it as sweet as ice cream? Of course not! The so-called sweet sound refers to string music, which is the kind that sounds watery and shiny! Yu Tiantian, if the sound you hear is astringent and dry, you are wrong again. In fact, the human voice is the same. If it sounds dry and broken, don't buy it.

5. As long as the sound is full, it is right
A thin voice means that the mid-range and low-range frequencies are not enough, so the balance is out of balance. It's like a thin bamboo pole, which is wrong. A really good voice should be full and full of air. Whether it is mid-frequency or low-frequency, it must be strong and full, not thin and thin. If the voice is thin, it also means that the voice is very thin, and there are not many details or overtones that should be heard. In short, no matter what the instrument is, the sound they make must be as healthy as a person who is full of food (of course not the kind of brain full of intestines).

6. As long as the voice is loose, it is right
Listening tightly for a long time can make people nervous, and listening for a long time can make people relax. A really good sound should be soft and vibrant. Please note that what I am talking about is not loose and porous like a sponge. It's like a spring that slowly bounces up and down. It is wrong if the sound is hard and not flexible or loose and has no strength.
As long as you can remember the three wrong and three pairs of formulas I mentioned above, no matter where you go, you can tell yourself with confidence: This kind of voice is wrong, I have to choose another. In this way, you don't have to go to an expert, and you don't have to envy other people's golden ears. In fact, you yourself are an expert who takes music performance as the criterion and ears as the basis.
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