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How to correctly configure KTV speakers and amplifiers

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The speaker needs to reproduce various music programs with high quality, so according to the properties of the music signal, its crest factor is about 10-15dB. From the perspective of ensuring sound quality, the power amplifier should not have any limiting in this dynamic range, that is, the power amplifier The larger output power of the speaker should be 5-8 times the rated power of the speaker. Although the sound quality of this power configuration is very good, its investment will be large. Therefore, the power ratio is generally set at 1—2 times the speaker unit rated power. The range of 1—2 times may be out of space. I can give you a more specific experience.

How to correctly configure KTV speakers and amplifiers

In some projects with low requirements and limited investment, the power of the power amplifier is at least equivalent to the rated power of the speaker, but you must pay great attention to keeping the sound without distortion. Too small power configuration does not seem to damage the speaker unit, in fact, it is not the case, too small power is very easy Overload clipping occurs, a large number of harmonics are generated, and the tweeter is burned. General engineering recommends that the power of the power amplifier is 1.5 times, and the bass part is better than 1.5 times, so as to get enough power. For extremely demanding acoustic grounds, such as studio monitors, concert halls, etc., the ideal is twice the power of the speakers.
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