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Ten suggestions on how to buy your guitar amp

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When you want to buy a speaker, you first need to connect it to the jack to experience it, rather than just buy it home. Of course, during the experience, you may feel that it is great and even attracted by its sound, but when you buy it home, you may find that it is not as high-quality as it started.

Here are ten suggestions for everyone to buy speakers.

1. Bring your own guitar
When buying speakers, try to choose your own instrument and connect it to the speakers to test the sound. Because in the store, an unfamiliar guitar is very likely to have a very different sound from your own guitar, and the speakers that sound full and powerful in the piano shop may not be as loud as you heard before. it is good.

2. Electronic tube, transistor or digital speaker?
Although the tube has a very good reputation and evaluation, many transistor speakers and digital speakers are currently able to provide high-quality sound for everyone, and they also have this lower price and durable quality. However, the timbre of the tube is still used by many high-quality musicians as the selection criteria. So let your ears decide.

3. The importance of size
If you live in an apartment and only need a speaker for home recording, then choosing a speaker with a power of 100 watts will be redundant. On the contrary, if your band is keen on playing with big decibels, then choosing 10 watts is not enough. So, choose the right speaker based on your personal needs. A rock band’s live performance needs to choose a 30-watt speaker, but in the studio, smaller watt speakers can often provide amazingly great sound, which Jimmy Page must be familiar with. In addition, as a rule of thumb, if you often perform outside, you may need at least 15 watt tube speakers.

4. Tone from the latter stage

There are usually three different sources of distortion: pre-amplifier, post-stage (power) amplifier, and speaker. Many musicians will ignore the distortion of the power amplifier when they try the speakers, but the power amplifier is the source of the "juicy, highly dynamic" distortion sound that guitarists describe. If you want to listen to the distorted tone of the final stage, you must increase the Master volume of the speaker and decrease the Gain (gain) to complete. Using simple and crisp playing, the sound should sound very vivid and real. Of course, you are likely to be complained by your neighbor's aunt.

Ten suggestions on how to buy your guitar amp

5. Inevitable noise
A preamp or gain control (sometimes labeled "Volume" on speakers with Master knobs) can allow you to get a very good distortion sound at low volume, but at high volume, excessive front Level distortion will sound over-compressed and squeak. At this time, you should lower the gain and adjust the master volume until the volume reaches the output level you usually play. Now slowly increase the gain until you get the dirty level you want. If the sound sounds very harsh and lacks dynamics, it's time to change to another one.

6. Crunch tone
The overdrive speaker creates a distortion characteristic that makes many guitarists drunk: Crunch sound. The better way to test this sound is to set the volume as loud as possible under the Clean channel. Low-power speakers will break the sound at low volume, and they may become muddy when the volume is adjusted higher; high-power speakers may not break the sound. If you want to get the crunch sound through the speakers, these are all factors you have to consider.

7. The importance of speakers
Although loudspeakers are often overlooked, it is undeniable that loudspeakers are the most important part of loudspeakers-they are a very critical part between your equipment and the sound you hear. Speakers of different sizes have different timbre characteristics, and you should consider the size of the speakers and the rated power of the amplifier. Loudspeakers are like hips-smaller tones are more compact, while larger tones have more low frequencies. But just like pants, the design of the box can also control the low frequency. This is why a closed 4x10 cabinet will have more bass than an open-back speaker with 15-inch speakers.

8. Multi-channel selection
For musicians who like to use different tones, multi-channel speakers are a very good choice, but if all you need is a clean sound and a good distortion tone, multi-channel speakers may far exceed your needs. . If you think that a speaker with three or more channels is suitable for you, then you should see if each channel has a separate EQ control.

9. Play more and do more
When using speakers, you should strive to quickly and easily adjust the tone you need. This is related to the design and use of the speakers. When testing the speakers, pay attention to whether there is any interaction between each tone control and the notes, so you must turn the knobs on the top frequently and experiment a lot. If you can't find the right sound in the store, even if you buy it home or bring it on stage, you can't rely on it to get the sound you want.

10. Additional functions
Although tone and volume should be your most important considerations, you should also determine whether you need some additional features. If you want to use a simple and versatile speaker, its built-in effects are huge, but they may be as inflexible as external effects and processors. The loop effect is very useful for digital reverb and delay effects, but if you are using several pedal effects, that is to say, if you use a single block as the main source of distortion, then the loop effect is not necessary of. The speaker analog line output is very helpful for home recording, and the external output of the speaker can help you expand your live effects. Remember: don't pay extra money for features you never need.
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