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Prevent the monitoring trap of Hi-Fi speakers

2021-04-21 396
If you are still using cheaper Hi-Fi speakers for downmixing and recording, then I have to say that switching to professional studio monitor speakers will provide you with clearer, deeper and more detailed sound. It can help you better complete the work of recording downmixing. To put it simply, a good pair of monitor speakers can almost change your working mode, help you deeply analyze the most complex downmix materials, and ensure your audio, whether you listen to car audio or high-quality Hi-Fi equipment , Are able to have good performance. Therefore, you don’t have to be surprised that a professional recording studio spends tens of thousands of dollars to purchase high-quality monitor speakers and invite professional recording engineers to design the sound field for them.

Snoop trap

First of all, choosing a suitable pair of monitor speakers, or choosing a better monitor speaker, is not so intuitive for us. What kind of speakers are the good monitor speakers we are really looking for? Will we be fascinated by the speakers in the audio store that can produce excellent sound effects, or should we look at the monitor speakers that can faithfully respond to the original audio signal? At the same time, once you add a new guy at home, we also need to consider all aspects of optimizing its performance, from arranging the sound field environment of the entire room to the correct placement of speakers.

Prevent the monitoring trap of Hi-Fi speakers

Feel the different characteristics
We should be clearly aware of the difference between a pair of home-use hi-fi speakers and professional high-performance studio monitor speakers. This is a very basic understanding that allows us to understand why monitor speakers are used during recording and downmixing. The key role played. More importantly, you have to know how they affect your workflow. Eventually, we will realize that Hi-Fi speakers are specifically designed to give listeners a good listening experience. In many cases, this design is theoretically "hype" the sound, and they themselves will boost some low and high frequencies (and sometimes highlight a wide range of mid frequencies) to create a very good recording The effect is more tempting than the kind of speakers that can show the original recording in detail.
In contrast, some professional monitor speakers are often not so likable, but again, the sound they express will be more detailed and more accurate. For example, the low frequency may not sound so full, but when you hear your own downmix works, it will be more layered, and all the components in the music are very clear. At the same time, in terms of high frequencies, although it may not sound so sharp in ordinary Hi-Fi speakers (they usually do their hands and feet at the frequency of about 10kHz), professional monitoring will finely reflect the frequency of 10-20kHz. The range of sound, for example, it can better help you distinguish the air in the acoustic guitar or the breathing sound in the human voice.
Although we have discussed the frequency issue to a large extent, it is also important to remember the other sound differences between ordinary Hi-Fi speakers and professional monitor speakers. For example, optimized sound depth and imaging, it can help you better coordinate your voice, and get more sound information when you downmix, instead of just putting some instruments in the frequency range that should be put Everything will be fine inside. A good monitor speaker can better convey the relationship between left and right pan. In addition, there is another thing that is easily overlooked, that is, ordinary Hi-Fi speakers will not react as sensitively as professional monitor speakers.
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