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How to deal with the current sound of computer speakers

2021-04-20 359
Many friends will connect a speaker to their computer when they are playing on the computer, so whether it is listening to music or watching a movie, the effect is very good, but during the linking process, we will find that sometimes the computer speaker has a current sound , Many friends are very familiar with this kind of situation, but it is more troublesome to deal with it. When dealing with this kind of problem, many friends mostly adopt some old-fashioned methods for testing.

By linking some other playback devices to see if the problem is on the speakers. Many times this problem is caused by external signal interference. If there are many devices that can transmit signals around us, many speakers will There will be current sound from computer speakers. Usually we only need to use the principle of the speaker equipment to transmit some signals. There is also a case that the connection process is not complete, and the plugs of many speakers will be very out of specification.

How to deal with the current sound of computer speakers

At this time, if we are not able to carefully link, there will be a loose situation, if it takes a long time, it will cause this situation to happen, computer speakers have current noise often appearing on some desktop computers, and ordinary notebook computers rarely have it. In this case, there is another reason for this problem is the configuration of many desktop computers, they all adopt the assembly mode during the configuration process, and many sound cards or other computer accessories used are some small brands. , It is inevitable that there will be some discomfort when putting together, so it is directly reflected in the abnormal sound of the speakers. When our computer has such a situation, in most cases, we don’t need to care too much, as long as it does not affect the normal Just work.
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