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Demystifying the steps of Amazon's explosive creation

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Many sellers will ask such a question: I want to create a popular product, what should I do? It's not easy to create a hot style. Here we summarize some experiences.

The two most basic conditions for creating explosive models are: first, product selection; second, marketing.

1. Selection
1. What are the common characteristics of Amazon's hot money:

The price is low, between 21-200 US dollars;

Small size, light weight, easy to transport;

Non-time-sensitive products. Long product life cycle;

The function is relatively simple. For example, the fingertip spinning top can be played by both adults and children;

The quality is relatively high quality. One characteristic that all hot models must have is relatively high quality.

2. Look for the operation of Amazon's hot money
(1) Determine your product selection direction and category
Before purchasing products, we must first understand the products that can be sold on Amazon. In the early days, Amazon imposed a little restriction on the categories sold by novices. As the business grows, more and more category lines will be developed. Each selection category has different sub-categories. For example, your main household products, then household products will also be divided into products such as kitchen supplies, household appliances, and indoor furniture.

(2) Evaluation of competition
View the number of search results

Check the Best Sellers list and the first 7 pages of the listing price (range) of the core keyword search results

Check the Best Sellers list and the sellers in the first 7 pages of search results

Check the Best Sellers list and the top 7 pages of search results in their respective stores

Check the top sellers on the Best Sellers list and the top 7 best sellers in the search results.

(3) Assess the size of the market
Normally, the top ten sales for smaller sub-categories are no less than 50 per day. In addition, the product sales market is relatively stable, which is conducive to the accumulation of vertical category experience and long-term development; the seasonality is not strong, and there is a stable market and sales, which is conducive to improving inventory, stocking and efficiency; non-time-sensitive products. The product has a long life cycle and can be continuously improved.

(4) Evaluate product sales
Evaluating the average daily sales volume of a product has important reference significance for setting sales goals, developing new products, and understanding category demand. At present, there are many tools on the market for Amazon sellers to operate stores, which can help sellers inquire about product sales and data analysis to see if this product can be made on Amazon.

(5) Analyze product trends
You can select the corresponding site, time, and multiple keyword dimensions to view trends through Google Trends.

(6) Evaluate product profit
Including the current selling price of competing products, accounting for product purchase costs, first-haul transportation costs, FBA distribution fees, platform commissions, withdrawal rates, etc. Among them, profit = current selling price-cost price.

Products of various profit types: reasonable profit margins are 20%-28% for air freight and 30%-45% for sea freight. Generally, there are three categories of shops, namely:

Small products: the purchase price is 10 yuan, the price is 9.99 US dollars, the profit is 4 US dollars / 24 yuan (air freight red order, small sellers preferred).

Pros: Low input, fast turnover, and more cost-effective output. Disadvantages: products are harder to find and competition is fierce.

Large-size products: purchase price of 100 yuan, selling price of 40 US dollars, profit of 10 US dollars / 60 yuan (sea or rail transportation, medium and large sellers preferred).

Pros: The product has barriers to avoid competition from most small sellers, and the profit is high. Disadvantages: slow turnover and large investment.

Medium-sized products: the purchase price is 50 yuan, the price is 35 US dollars, and the profit is 7 US dollars/42 yuan (air delivery combined with railway combined with sea transportation).

The profit is medium, the investment is medium, the turnover speed is medium, and the competition is medium.

Demystifying the steps of Amazon's explosive creation

2. Marketing
If you want the product to operate for a long time, it is recommended that the seller register a trademark and file a brand with Amazon, mainly to prevent the product from being sold. Secondly, the Amazon platform has certain support for the product that has been branded. You can use the early reviewer program And the brand flagship store function, the following mainly introduces some marketing techniques with high conversion rate.

The marketing technique with high conversion rate is nothing more than to bring traffic to products through Amazon internal advertising and off-site drainage. Here we must pay attention to product keywords, which will affect the accuracy of traffic.

1. Amazon advertising
At present, there are three main types of Amazon promotion advertisements: product promotion advertisements, brand promotion advertisements and display advertisements.

The product promotion advertisements are applicable to all Amazon sellers, while the brand promotion advertisements and display promotion advertisements must be registered before they can be placed.

Tips for choosing keywords when advertising:

①Recommended keywords: Closely related to product descriptions, the effect is better if selected according to the quality of the product detailed page.

②Search terms report: It is closely related to the product and is selected according to the actual search content of consumers.

③ASIN title: It is closely related to the product description, and the selection effect is better according to the quality of the product detailed page.

④Brand analysis report: exclusive brand analysis for brand owners, searchable site popular keyword rankings.

⑤Other sources: third-party keyword sources, which require two-step verification before being put into use.

Key points of advertising:

①Regularly monitor the performance of advertising activities

According to the general sales cycle of the product, determine how long the advertising campaign will run before evaluating its performance;

Measure performance based on campaign goals

Perform benchmarking analysis of display promotion performance based on the goals you set during the creation of advertising campaigns;

②Use advertising campaign indicators for reasonable bid optimization

While considering the amount you are willing to pay for each click, you must also consider the expectations of advertising traffic, in order to balance the two set bids;

③Ensure that your advertising campaign has sufficient budget to maintain advertising throughout the day

Monitor advertising campaigns that often exceed your daily budget, otherwise you may miss potential impressions.

3. Drainage outside Amazon
Amazon's traffic sales methods are divided into two types: on-site and off-site.

The first thing sellers need to consider is in-site drainage, because Amazon itself has huge in-site traffic (amazon.com is close to 100 million visits per day). For average small and medium-sized sellers, if they can do a good job in-site drainage, product traffic will definitely not However, when the traffic within the station has reached a certain bottleneck, it is necessary to quickly consider drainage outside the station. Do a good job of drainage outside the station, both inside and outside the station at the same time, sales and orders will pounce on you.

Drainage outside the site is nothing more than that in order to promote the sales of their own stores, platform sellers can attract potential customers to directly visit their stores on the platform through the resources they can use. At present, the so-called off-site drainage usually refers to the use of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Slideshare and other SNS platforms to attract users' attention by displaying products, telling stories, etc., and then divert the following people to the platform stores. .

The best source of traffic outside the site depends on your product and target market. If you currently have an email list, great. Email campaigns allow you to send promotional messages to people interested in your brand.

For many sellers, advertising on Facebook is an effective approach. This social media platform provides you with powerful and sophisticated positioning tools and a large existing user base on Facebook and Instagram.

If your product is visually based and aimed at female consumers, then Pinterest will be a good source of traffic.

The best way to understand which traffic source is best for you is to experiment. Look at your niche goals or audience statistics and choose sources that you think are feasible. Sellers can set goals first, try and make mistakes in a short time, and check whether the traffic source is valid.

It is not so easy to create a hot product. It needs to be summarized by sellers in a long-term exploration process. I hope that the above content can give a certain reference value.
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