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How to choose a portable wireless speaker

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With the rapid development of electronic products, wireless speakers have become a commonly used digital product in our lives. It has a variety of styles, functions, and prices. So in these dazzling products, if you can pay attention to some of the portable wireless speakers Buying skills, you will also have a bottom when buying, and it will be easier to buy satisfactory products.

How to choose a portable wireless speaker

There are so many brands and models of wireless speakers on the market, whether they are in physical stores or when they are selected by online e-commerce companies, they will be dazzling. If you have a fixed brand preference, it's okay, you can greatly narrow the range of choices. And if there is no clear goal, then you need to screen it carefully.
Although they are all called portable wireless speakers, their design uses and main functions are different. For example, they are mainly portable, sound quality, sports, and smart. So before choosing a wireless speaker, you must first make sure that you buy speakers for use. What, is it to be enjoyed alone in the bedroom/dormitory, or shared by multiple people in the living room, or used for outdoor sports, business trips, and to understand that the selection of speakers is half completed.

Size and appearance
Pay attention to the size of the wireless speaker. The size mainly affects two aspects, one is the purpose, and the other is the sound effect. The purpose is very easy to understand. Some usage scenarios were mentioned earlier. For example, if you use it on a business trip, you should choose a smaller and lighter wireless speaker, which can reduce the burden of travel; and if you put it in the house, the effect of a larger speaker will be better. . The sound effect is also easy to understand. Generally speaking, the sound quality of a speaker is directly proportional to the volume. The larger the size, the larger the speaker, and the larger the speaker, the easier it is to achieve good sound quality, especially the impact on the bass. The speaker itself is small, so there is no need to go to YY to have any bass effect.

The basic function of portable wireless speakers is playback, and some other functions or features, such as phone hands-free, NFC, card playback, FM radio, USB sound card, recording, sports waterproof, music resources, etc., are briefly discussed below. Some worthy or unworthy functions can be selected according to specific needs.

Sports waterproof, if it is used for cycling sports, business trips, etc., sports waterproof function is very necessary. Generally speaking, the size of the waterproof speaker is not very large, the portability is high, and the special process is adopted to have a certain degree of drop resistance, water resistance and dust resistance. Among them, the waterproof rating should be paid attention to. The protection rating of most waterproof speakers on the market is IPX3 or IPX4, which means that they can withstand splashes of water droplets. It is basically sufficient for outdoor use in general scenarios. But if you need bathrooms, swimming, extreme outdoor sports, and long-term use in a humid environment, you need at least an IPX6 or above waterproof rating.

How to choose a portable wireless speaker

NFC, NFC is a kind of near-field communication technology. In the wireless impression, it is used for one-touch connection, that is, a mobile phone that supports NFC and a speaker can be automatically paired and connected by Bluetooth, which simplifies the operation. Convenient functions, better equipped.
USB sound card, some portable wireless speakers have a sound card function, which can be connected to the computer through the USB interface to play, but this function is relatively tasteless and can generally be ignored. The specific reason is that due to the cost and size limitations of portable wireless speakers, the built-in USB sound card performance parameters are generally very low, not as powerful as mainstream computers and notebook integrated sound cards, so it is better to use 3.5 directly in terms of sound quality and ease of use. The mm audio cable is better connected. But it does not rule out that individual high-quality portable wireless speakers will have a built-in valuable high-quality sound card, and even support PS4 game consoles, adding practical functions such as microphones and sound effects, such as the innovative Sound Blaster 2nd generation.
Music radio resources. Generally, WiFi speakers will provide radio and music resources. Some are designed with corresponding buttons and playback functions on the hardware, and some are implemented through exclusive APP. Such speakers are often advertised as smart speakers by manufacturers. Speakers that support online playback on the hardware are very convenient to use. They can play music and radio resources on the Internet independently of mobile phones and computers, and are suitable for listening to Internet radio. So when choosing WiFi speakers, this feature can be focused on.

The choice of Bluetooth and WiFi
The words mentioned in the editor of this article are portable wireless speakers, not Bluetooth speakers. What is considered is that the current mainstream wireless speakers have two methods: Bluetooth and WiFi. Among them, Bluetooth is the most basic and most widely used wireless connection method, and WiFi is an emerging wireless method in recent years. This article will not elaborate on their respective characteristics and advantages. Simply know that Bluetooth is easy to use and has better compatibility. , And WiFi has excellent sound quality, but the use limit is relatively large, so the two are usually in a complementary relationship.
The most ideal way is of course to have both Bluetooth and WiFi, but such wireless speakers are often high-quality goods, and the price is not cheap. If the budget is sufficient, it is highly recommended. You can buy a good Bluetooth+WiFi portable wireless speaker for about 1,000 yuan. .
However, there are some pure WiFi speakers on the market, and some of them are relatively cheap, which can be as low as about 200 yuan. But I would like to remind you that you should carefully choose pure WiFi speakers, especially low-cost WiFi speakers, unless you are very sure what you need is such a speaker.
Why should we carefully consider pure WiFi speakers, especially low-cost pure WiFi speakers? Because the low-cost pure WiFi wireless speaker is limited by its size and design, even if it uses WiFi connection, it will not have better sound quality than Bluetooth, and the advantage of WiFi's high transmission bandwidth is not reflected. And the use of WiFi speakers is narrow, either to listen to Internet radio, or to play music through a dedicated APP, and cannot be used for functions such as watching videos, playing games, making calls, etc., unless you really just want to buy one for use as a radio. The product. High-quality pure WiFi speakers are basically early products and have been gradually eliminated. Although their sound quality is good enough, digital products should follow the principle of buying new and not buying old. WiFi + Bluetooth dual wireless speakers will be more comfortable to use.

How to choose a good sound quality speaker

How to choose a portable wireless speaker
The sound quality of a portable wireless speaker is firstly related to the volume of the speaker. This has been mentioned before, so if you want the sound quality to be as good as possible, you can choose to be within the tolerable range when selecting, and the volume is as large as possible. Speakers. The second is the design of the speaker itself. The quality of the speaker unit, the built-in decoding, the grade of the power amplifier, whether the internal acoustic structure of the cabinet is reasonable, and whether the passive diaphragm enhancement is used will also greatly affect the sound quality performance, such as innovative sound Portable speakers such as Paluo and Bose have adopted passive diaphragm design to achieve the best possible bass effect in a smaller cabinet. However, many designs cannot be seen from the appearance of the speakers, which requires online evaluation and judgment, or the conditions to go to the physical store to listen to it.

Then there are wireless features, such as WiFi or Bluetooth, and the version of Bluetooth. Which audio encodings are supported will also affect the performance of the sound quality. Because of its high transmission bandwidth and high stability, WiFi is undoubtedly the wireless audio solution with the best sound quality. And because of the different encodings supported by Bluetooth, it will also have a significant impact on the sound quality.

Specifically, the version of Bluetooth is not very important, and it is not that the higher the version, the better the sound quality, because Bluetooth audio transmission must follow the audio coding protocol, and the compression and transmission bandwidth of the coding protocol are limited, so even the new version with higher bandwidth Bluetooth does not increase the actual audio transmission rate, and after Bluetooth 4.x, more efforts are made in terms of power saving and new functions. The signal power strength and stability are not necessarily better than Bluetooth 3.0, so we You can find many very high-quality players, Bluetooth speakers, and headphones. The Bluetooth version only stays at 3.0, and will not use Bluetooth 4.2 or higher. To some extent, the higher the Bluetooth version, the better.

What really affects Bluetooth sound quality should be the encoding protocol. At present, Bluetooth is mainly based on the A2DP audio transmission format. Specific encodings include SBC, MP3, AAC, ATRAC, APT-X, etc., among which SBC must be supported by all Bluetooth devices and is also used Most widely, the higher transmission quality of SBC is approximately equivalent to the quality of MP3 music with a bit rate of 224 Kbps to 256 Kbps, so friends who can hear MP3 and lossless will definitely be able to hear the difference between Bluetooth sound quality and wired transmission. And MP3, AAC encoding takes a step further, higher can support up to 320Kbps audio transmission, the sound quality is better, but not all mobile phones, tablet devices can support MP3 and AAC encoding.

APT-X is a proprietary encoding format of CSR. Its transmission rate is higher, reaching 352Kbps. It is currently one of the Bluetooth audio encoding methods with better sound quality, and its popularity is also very high. It’s just that APT-X is held by a CSR company, so if you want to support it, you need to use a CSR Bluetooth chip and obtain authorization. Bluetooth speakers and headphones are generally supported. However, many domestic mobile phones do not support them in order to save costs. Apple, Samsung, and Sony Mobile phones of other foreign brands are generally supported.

In terms of sound quality, generally speaking, it is ATP-X> AAC> MP3> SBC, so choose speakers that support APT-X as much as possible when choosing. If the phone also supports APT-X, then you can get better sound quality.

In addition, Sony has also developed an audio codec called LDAC for Bluetooth speakers and earphones. Its transmission bandwidth is about 3 times that of APT-X. I have also reviewed many Sony Bluetooth and speakers that support LDAC, and they will indeed carry The significant improvement in sound quality is obviously due to APT-X, but currently LDAC is dedicated to Sony. If you want to experience it, you can only choose Sony’s few products.

Battery life:
The importance of battery life is not too much to say. If you look carefully, the parameters of portable wireless speakers usually basically indicate the capacity of the built-in battery and the battery life in various scenarios. The data marked by the more well-known regular brand speakers Basically reliable, although the marked time is basically obtained from the test under the limit state, the actual use time will not be much less than the nominal value, which is very informative.
If the wireless speaker is mainly used outdoors or on business trips, then the charging interface of the wireless speaker is also worth noting. Choosing a speaker that uses a universal USB port to charge can save you a dedicated charger and reduce the burden of travel.
Portable wireless speakers are different from headphones and earplugs. The main considerations are sound quality, wearing and price. There are many other aspects that need to be considered. However, portable wireless speakers are not as exquisite and sophisticated as HiFi equipment. Just grab some attention points. , Then it is easy to choose a satisfactory speaker.
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