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Monitor speaker buying guide

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How to choose monitor speakers
The monitor speakers allow you to hear the finest, uncolored sounds, and can faithfully present the original appearance of the sound work. For recording, editing, mixing and mastering, the quality of monitor speakers determines to a large extent the quality of your work that people hear through headphones, car stereos, televisions and other equipment. Because of the many factors considered.

Most of the monitor speakers on the market are active products, but the understanding of passive speakers is also very important. Active speakers are not of higher quality than passives in all aspects, so it is important to understand the differences between different products.
The passive monitor speaker is an acoustically constructed box with a paper cone, which needs to be additionally equipped with a suitable power amplifier and frequency divider. Its advantage is that the power amplifier and the speaker are separated, and you can choose the high-quality power amplifier products you think.
The active monitor speakers have built-in power amplifiers, so you don't need to bother to select peripherals. At the same time, through the manufacturer's debugging, the matching degree between the power amplifier and the speaker is high, which is conducive to providing high-quality sound quality. Countless professional recording studios in the world choose active speakers as their monitors. And unless you have a special hobby and understanding of passive speakers, it is better to choose active speakers. Its convenience and sound quality will make you satisfied.

Paper cone material
The materials of the paper cones used by different speakers may be different, from paper, to Kevlar fiber, and even aluminum alloy, etc., and manufacturers continue to introduce new ones. If you are interested, you can find more elements from nature to serve as materials. But to be honest, few people have noticed the impact of the paper cone material on the sound quality.
The material has a great influence on the transmission of sound, but few people pay attention. Unless you have a good understanding of materials science and intend to do related research, you should pay attention to the sound itself.

Inverted hole

Inverted holes can extend the low-frequency response of speakers, and many speakers have inverted holes. The inverted hole box has many advantages, but it is not as accurate as the closed box. And if the rear-mounted inverted hole speaker is close to the wall, the low frequency produced will be exaggerated. If the room is too small and the speakers cannot be far away from the wall, it is better to choose a front-mounted inverted hole speaker.

Monitor speaker buying guide

Equalization and room correction function
Many monitor speakers have built-in different EQ functions to better adapt to the working environment. Some even use digital processing chips to optimize sound performance. These functions are very practical, but be aware that these functions cannot replace the physical properties of the room. EQ and room correction DSP can make poor acoustic environments sound more comfortable in most cases. But in the final analysis, the characteristics of the room cannot be changed. The speakers cannot but radiate sound waves through the acoustic environment of the room. Point to understand the guide to acoustic decoration

The use of bass
Whether you need bass or not depends on the job content. If you are mixing for TV stations or cartoons, a monitoring system with integrated bass speakers is essential. If you are just recording a demo for the band, a pair of stereo full-range monitor speakers will suffice. Think about the environment in which the audience will listen to their own work. If they are enjoying music with a powerful subwoofer in a home theater environment, they must buy a bass to feel the audience's sense of hearing. If most people only use Apple iPods or listen in the car, there is no need to buy them.

Placement and isolation
Placement as shown in the figure can avoid causing sound and shadow areas. Put a pair of stereo speakers in front, and keep the seat and these two speakers forming an equilateral triangle. In other words, let the distance between them be as long as the distance between them. This arrangement can bring the finest frequency response and the clearest stereo image.

Speakers are generally more beneficial to the sound when placed on a stand than directly on a table or mixer. Because the fine dressing filter caused by the countertop will affect the fineness of sound transmission. In addition, the speakers placed on the desktop will transfer part of the energy to the contact surface, resulting in subtle sound coloring. Putting the speaker on the stand can avoid the above problems.

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How to choose...
The basic considerations for selecting monitor speakers have been discussed above. Next, you need to consider your own needs, this part will play a decisive role. Here are some key points:

The size of the speakers should match the volume of your room. If the studio is small, choose a small speaker to be more detailed.

Remember that the monitor speaker is not to make music better, its role is to help you restore the most authentic sound, and strive for fine details. Good monitor speakers can reveal all kinds of good and bad details in the mix, and at the same time reproduce finely in the full frequency band.
In fact, it’s difficult to find monitor speakers in other people’s studios that can fit in your own studio, because even if you spend a lot of time going to different shops and friends’ studios to listen to various monitor speakers, you can only say When mixing, the different acoustic environments still play a big role. You can only notice certain characteristics of the speakers, but don't expect to get exactly the same sound in your own studio.

Acoustic decoration
If you pay attention to monitoring, you should also care about the acoustic environment of the room. It is recommended that beginners put more materials that absorb sound energy on the walls of the house. These materials are not expensive, but can reduce room reflections and allow you to hear more direct sound from the speakers. More to hear the sound directly from the speakers.
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