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About speaker technical test and subjective sound quality evaluation

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In the audio system, the structure of the speaker is the simplest, but it plays the most important role. The speaker is the final link in the audio system and the key equipment that converts electrical signals into sound signals. Since there are not many structural parts of the speaker, any shortcoming will affect the effect of the whole replay. However, the evaluation of speakers is generally based on subjective listening-the quality of the final music replay as the standard. Therefore, the following first problem arises: This is the unification of the technical test of the speaker and the subjective sound quality evaluation.

1. About the test and listening of speakers

Friends with certain HiFi experience will have such a consensus: This is the gap between the technical indicators of the speaker and the subjective audition.

About speaker technical test and subjective sound quality evaluation

Why is this happening? This should start from the beginning, from the main technical indicators of the current speaker test.

Among the technical indicators of the speakers, the most important ones are as follows: These are the frequency range, power handling, sensitivity and phase characteristics, and transient characteristics.

Frequency range, also known as frequency response, refers to the replay range from bass to treble in the speaker. In some cases, the frequency response range marked by a pair of small civilian speakers and a pair of large monitor speakers may be the same; but the feelings of subjective listening are quite different. This in the end is why? Is the test inaccurate or someone deliberately faked it? Under normal circumstances, the above speculations are not correct, but there are other reasons.
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