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Bluetooth speaker FCC certification

2021-04-17 341
Bluetooth speakers exported to the United States need to meet the FCC certification standards for electronic products in the United States. Look at the FCC certification standards for Bluetooth speakers and the materials that need to be submitted?

FCC certification standard classification:

The FCC has different levels of control for different products. Based on this, the FCC certification is divided into three types:

1. Certification: The Telecommunication Certification Body (TCB) reviews the samples and test data submitted by the applicant, and if it complies with FCC rules, authorize an FCC ID number for the device.

2.DoC: The equipment responsible party (generally the manufacturer or importer) inspects the product at the qualified inspection agency designated by the FCC to ensure that the equipment meets the relevant technical standards and retains the test report. The certification does not require FCC personnel to review the test report. Manufacturers can use self-certification.

3. Verification: The manufacturer or importer ensures that its products have undergone the necessary testing to confirm that the product meets the relevant technical standards and retain the testing report.

Materials to be provided by the FCC certification standards for Bluetooth speakers:

1. Sample (s)

2. Technical Specification

3. English manual (User Manual)

4. BOM List of key components (PCB, wire, etc., must be marked with UL File No.)

5. Circuit diagrams, schematic diagrams Schematics (to indicate component parameters, to indicate antennas)

Bluetooth speaker FCC certification

6. Block Diagram (An antenna is required, and the transmit frequency is marked at the antenna end)

7. Part layout (component location diagram)

8. Circuit Description Circuit Description is also called Operational Description (Describe the circuit schematic and block diagram in text.)

9. PCB screen printing diagram PCB LAOUT diagram (printed wiring diagram)
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