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Speaker placement of Hi-Fi system

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If you want a sound system to give the best results, you don't just need to simply connect them together. Especially the placement of speakers requires repeated trials to find the most suitable position. Imagine the relative position between the speaker and the listener as a triangle with the listener as the vertex. If the distance from the listener to the speakers is less than the distance between the two speakers, a "hole" will appear in the central part of the sound field. Some (not all) speakers need to be placed close to the back wall to get the best response. At this time, the back wall acts like a "sound booster board" to boost the bass.

When you sit in the best listening position, the height of the speaker's tweeter should be approximately the same as the height of your ears. When using floor-standing speakers, the height of the speakers is difficult to adjust unless the sofa is replaced. If you are using a small speaker, you can choose a different speaker rack to get the right height. When the height of the speaker is appropriate, you will feel the sound image is clearer and the tone is more accurate. The most appropriate height can only be found by trial and error. Other speakers (especially floor-standing speakers) need to keep a certain distance from the back wall. If the distance is too close, they will hum due to excessive frequency increase. Whether your speakers need to be close to the back wall or need to keep a distance from the back wall, they must be kept at a certain distance from the side wall, that is, they must be far away from the corner, otherwise the bass will be excessively exaggerated. Some people think that it is not a good way to put them in the corner of Noki under certain early-morning box bass problems. Follow our advice and don't do this! Pointing the axis of the speaker to the inside can often make the sound field protrude forward, thereby improving the three-dimensional effect. The correct inside angle is such that the axis crosses a few feet in front of the listening position.

The speaker placement of the home theater system has more speakers than the Hi-Fi system, so its placement problem will be more complicated, but the purpose is the same-in order to obtain the best sound quality.

Speaker placement of Hi-Fi system

L-shaped room: Any space in the room will "absorb" the bass from the speakers. The TV should be placed at the corner of the "L" shape and facing the longer side. Place the two main speakers on both sides of the TV, or change it to a subwoofer + satellite speaker configuration, so that the bass can be better broadcast, and serious harmful reflections will not occur.

Long and narrow room: In this kind of room, you can only put the TV on one end of the room and the sofa on the other end. In such an environment, it is very difficult to obtain good sound effects. It is best to choose a function with a longer delay time in order to reduce the delay caused by the distance of the front speakers. Surround speakers can choose bi-directional speakers, installed on the side wall.

The layout of the TV in the corner of the room: This layout will cause a series of problems: First, the corner of the room will cause an unpredictable increase in the bass, and it is also difficult to keep the front main and center speakers equal to the listener. distance. Depending on the arrangement of the seats, surround speakers may have two installation positions: one is installed in the corner of the room behind the seat, but this method will make the sound field very narrow and very realistic. One is the installation position as shown in the figure. At this time, the sound will be better, but the best listening position will only be the sofa on the left.

Square-shaped room: The difficulty of adjustment depends on the size of the room. It is easier to adjust in a large room, but more difficult in a small room, because in a small room, any large object will have a serious impact on the sound. Wall-mounted speakers can save space and can use less powerful equipment.
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