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Speaker box manufacturing method

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Many friends who want to make their own speakers suffer from no carpentry work experience and more professional cabinet processing tools. In many cases, they are called OEMs and lost a lot of hands-on fun. Or make do with it by yourself, but also not very satisfied. A lot of speaker production information is more detailed in the cabinet size, unit and crossover, except for the cabinet opening and production part. Today, let’s talk about several cabinet making methods that I have played before. I hope that those with experience in this area don’t retain their opinions and exchange ideas.

This method is more troublesome and requires high precision, but the cabinet is the most reliable after it is finished, and it can be glued and shaped without a nail. When cutting the material, pay attention to the tolerance and leave the line to avoid large errors. In case there are one or two seam errors and gaps, you can use the sawdust when cutting the material to adjust the glue to fill it. The angle on the corner is 45°, and the tenon angle in other places is 60°. The tenon angle should not be less than 60°. If it is too small, it will cause damage to the corner during processing and test. Tools used: jig saw, hacksaw (for hardware processing, small saw material, better precision), file (for tenon repair), jig (for shaping).

If there is a partition in the middle of the box, you can leave the front panel or the back panel when the box is mortised first, and finally install it by mortising. The glue used is better white latex. You need to prepare for the internal wiring (speaker cable) and the upper sound-absorbing cotton, so that it will not be difficult to clean up later. After the gluing and tenoning are finalized, it is best to move the jig a day later and wait for the glue to dry completely. A very sturdy and reliable cabinet is finished. If you use 2.4cm thick MDF, tap the cabinet with your hands: Ganggang.

Speaker box manufacturing method

Use a plane to flatten the joints of the tenon, if there are areas to be repaired, use the sawdust to adjust the latex when cutting the material, and the glue should not be too much. Lay the putty and sand it after drying. The rest is decoration.

Another step is to open the box. If the outside of the box is painted with PVC decorative paper or wood-grained paper, open the holes first, if it is pasted with veneer or other veneer panels, wait until these are completed before opening the holes. The cabinet with veneer or other materials should be careful when you go to the workbench. Use a soft thing (such as a wire blanket) to padded the bottom to avoid scratches and tools from scratching the cabinet's veneer.

The veneer must be primed (varnish) before the veneer to avoid being dipped in glue or other things during the veneer, which will cause light and uneven color when the paint is officially painted. A very important thing to do before the formal painting is cleaning up. Use an air pump and a vacuum cleaner to clean up the dust in the box. If these dusts are not cleaned up, they will harm the speakers (part of the bass) in the future.

It used to be more convenient to use a wire saw to open the tenon. Now some hardware stores can sell it for three for one yuan. When you use it for the first time, try it on an unused board. Pay attention to the tension of the saw bow and the direction of the saw teeth, because the direction of the saw teeth of the wire saw is in all directions, and the side with more teeth is the saw surface. At this time, you must master the direction and strength of your own force, and don't run the line. If you saw less, you can use a file to repair it. If you saw too much, it will be troublesome. Then just ignore it, and wait for the tenon to fix it.

MDF board has a characteristic, but also its shortcoming, the directionality of the texture of the board body. Its strength lies almost in the strength of its fiber glue. Find a smaller board, knock a few times on the side with a hammer, the board will be scattered, you will find that the board is like many layers of paper glued together, if you use the method in Figure (1), the MDF board If the horizontal and vertical surfaces are glued together, how good the glue is, its bonding strength is only the glue strength of the MDF board itself, unless it is lined and nailed.

The way of dovetail tenon connection, from its connection structure, we can see its connection strength and stability, which is laborious in processing. This dovetail tenon connection method is most suitable for high-power boxes and gunners. It can be done by making speakers by yourself. Yes, why not make this pair of boxes a good one. If you don’t understand the tenon joints, you can find a foam benzene board and try to play with a utility knife. Then you will understand. Pay attention to the connection of the three sides of one corner of the box, and don’t make a mistake in the tenon stubble.

These days, if it is to sell boxes, it is estimated that no one will do it, and it will take a lot of work. In the early years, I saw a Nanjing speaker for movies in an old movie theater. The cabinet was about one meter and five meters high and 80 cm wide. It was placed on a steel cart with wheels. Two speakers were used. The 18-inch Nanjing speaker has two cast iron horn tweeters on the top of the box; the box uses two and a half centimeters and a half layers of wood plywood, using a dovetail tenon joint method, the workmanship is very meticulous, and it is estimated to be tenon Machined, the corners are just rounded, and the natural-color varnish, the tenon is clearly visible, very beautiful and very strong.
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