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The basic principles of matching power amplifiers and speakers

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The basic principles of matching power amplifiers and speakers

The collocation of HIFI equipment is very important. Although there are many subjective factors in it, there are several principles that must be followed for the matching of power amplifiers and speakers. If you don't follow them, you will probably end up in thrills and lose your enthusiasm.

First of all, we must pay attention to the problem of power matching. In theory, the rated power of the speaker should be equal to the rated output power of the amplifier, so that the equipment can work normally. But here, the old cat's advice to everyone is that you would rather a big horse-drawn cart than a small horse-drawn cart at the end. When possible, you can choose a high-power amplifier, never choose a low-power amplifier. Under normal circumstances, at least the rated output power of the power amplifier should be more than 2 times the power of the speaker.

The basic principles of matching power amplifiers and speakers

The second is impedance matching. The output of the power amplifier and the input impedance of the speakers should also be the same. Although there is some slight deviation between the two, it will not have a significant impact on the sound quality, but only has an effect on the output power of the amplifier, but it must be reminded that if the speaker input impedance is much lower than the output impedance of the amplifier, it will cause a significant increase in distortion , In severe cases, the power amplifier will be damaged. Therefore, it is better to choose the same as the two.

Finally, talk about damping coefficient matching. The so-called damping is an index to measure the damping of the loudspeaker by the internal resistance of the output stage of the power amplifier. We won't talk about the professional stuff. What you need to know is that if the damping coefficient is too high, the sound from the speaker will be dry and not round; if it is low, the sound will tend to stick together. Therefore, when you configure the power amplifier, you should pay attention to the control of the damping coefficient of the stone machine between 30 and 40. The internal resistance of the amplifier is high, so be sure not to exceed 10.

Of these three principles, the most critical is the first point. Here we reiterate that the combination of power amplifier and speakers is better to be a big horse-drawn car than a small horse-drawn car.
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