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What are the technical parameters of buying speakers

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Need to pay attention to the following five parameters!

Rated power: Generally, the rated power of the speaker can only be determined by 75% of the rated power of the power amplifier, in order to ensure the matching of power and the safety of the device.

Rated impedance: The rated impedance of the speaker shall not be less than the rated load impedance of the power amplifier. Common rated impedances are 4 ohms, 6 ohms, 8 ohms, 16 ohms, etc. Transistor and integrated circuit power amplifiers generally do not need output transformers, and the load impedance is 4-6 ohms, so an 8 ohm speaker is appropriate.

What are the technical parameters of buying speakers

Effective range: A speaker with a wide and flat frequency range and sensitivity within 30 decibels should be selected. Above 90 decibels can meet the needs of home audio.

Number of frequency divisions: Three-way speakers have an additional mid-step speaker unit than two-way speakers, making the midrange more robust, and the speakers can withstand greater power and output greater volume.

The caliber of the speaker: the caliber of the woofer is not the bigger the better, because the larger the caliber, the easier it is to deform when the cone vibrates, resulting in split vibration and distortion.
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