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How to get a pair of HI-FI speakers

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Speakers are used as mouthpieces in audio equipment, and their quality directly affects the performance of the entire playback system. At present, there are a huge variety of finished speakers on the market, ranging in value from as low as tens of yuan to as high as tens of thousands of yuan, and their quality is also uneven. For electro-acoustic experts or some enthusiasts with a certain level of Said that, with their rich experience and keen hearing, it is not difficult to get a pair of high-quality and low-cost HI-FI speakers. However, the majority of radio hobbies lack the knowledge and experience in this area, and can only follow the introduction of the merchant when buying, and it is inevitable that there will always be regrets of this or that in the future. So how do we get a pair of HI-FI speakers based on our own knowledge and experience?

1. Objective indicators

The hearing range of the human ear is within 20-2000 Ohz, but due to age and physical fitness, the hearing range of most people is only about 30 to 18000 Hz, or even less. So purely pursuing high targets is unnecessary. But there are some indicators that must be as good as possible. For example, the output sound pressure of the speaker should be as flat as possible within a certain frequency range, so that various signals can be restored more realistically. The dynamic range must be large (dynamic range and sensitivity are mutually restricted, and the dynamic range with high sensitivity is correspondingly smaller). A lot of experience has proved that after the frequency response and other indicators are improved, the auditory perception is not much different, but slightly increased Dynamic range, the effect is immediately improved. Then, the speaker playback bandwidth should be wide enough, and the intermodulation distortion should be small.

How to get a pair of HI-FI speakers

2. Appearance appraisal
The loudspeaker of the speaker should be a high-compliance folding ring such as a foam folding ring, a rubber folding ring or a cloth folding ring. If possible, it is best to remove the speaker and observe whether the folding ring is uniform or not. It is better if it is uniform.
The speaker speakers are preferably large magnets with long stroke, so as not to affect the exposure effect when used as home theater speakers. :
Press the paper cone of the Yangsheng device repeatedly with both hands, and listen to the sound of the voice coil rubbing against the magnetic column. If it shows that the voice coil is not in the right position, it should be eliminated. Then use one hand to go around the center of the speaker and gently press around the carton. There is no rubbing sound, indicating that the position of the voice coil is extremely positive.
When pressing the speaker cone by hand, if it is more laborious than other speakers of the same caliber, it indicates that the speaker has a larger dynamic range and better expressive power for music. (The tweeter cannot be pressed by hand)
The panel of the speaker should be at least 10mm or more, and there must be sound-absorbing materials with solid materials inside, otherwise the sound quality will be seriously affected.

Three, subjective audition
Since the indicators and materials of the speakers are impeccable, the rest is the audition. The selected track should be selected with a wide frequency response and a large dynamic range, and should not be too attractive, and must be familiar. A simple and effective method is to use a high-quality speaker for comparison. Use the left and right balance knobs of the power amplifier to compare the expressiveness of the purchased box.
In addition, if you don’t know the characteristics of your own audio equipment, it is recommended that the high frequency unit of the selected speaker should be a soft dome to facilitate matching with the equipment. If the power amplifier used can match the DF (damping coefficient) of the speaker, the effect will be better. Those who have long "fever ears" for music should choose a three-unit large-volume box.
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