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Speaker speaker material and size

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Low-grade plastic speakers have no sound quality at all because of their thin cabinets and inability to overcome resonance (some well-designed plastic speakers are far better than poor-quality wooden speakers); wooden speakers reduce the sound stain caused by cabinet resonance. The sound quality is generally better than that of plastic speakers.

Usually multimedia speakers are designed with two-unit two-way frequency, a smaller speaker is responsible for the output of the mid-to-treble, and another larger speaker is responsible for the output of the mid-bass.

The material of these two speakers should be considered when selecting speakers: The tweeter of multimedia active speakers is now mainly soft dome (in addition to the titanium dome used for analog sound sources, etc.), it can reduce high frequencies in conjunction with digital sound sources. The harshness of the signal gives people a gentle, smooth, and delicate feeling. Multimedia speakers are now mostly made of soft dome tops such as better quality silk films and lower cost PV films.

The woofer determines the characteristics of the sound of the speaker. The choice is relatively important. The most common ones are the following: paper cones, paper cones, paper-based wool cones, and compacted cones.

Speaker speaker material and size

The paper cone has natural sound, cheap, good rigidity, lighter material and high sensitivity. The disadvantages are poor moisture resistance and difficult to control consistency during manufacturing. However, the paper cones made of top HiFi systems abound, because the sound output is very average. Good reducibility.

Bulletproof cloth has a wider frequency response and lower distortion. It is the first choice for those who love strong bass. The disadvantages are high cost, complicated production process, low sensitivity, and poor music effect.

The woolen woven basin has a soft texture. It is very good for soft and light music, but the bass effect is not good, and it lacks strength and shock.

PP (polypropylene) basin, which is widely popular in high-end speakers, has good consistency and low distortion, and its performance is remarkable in all aspects. In addition, fiber diaphragms and composite material diaphragms are rarely used in popular speakers due to their high prices.

The loudspeaker size is naturally the bigger the better, the large-caliber woofer can have better performance in the low frequency part, which can be selected in the purchase. Speakers made with high-performance speakers mean lower transient distortion and better sound quality. The speakers of ordinary multimedia speakers' woofers are mostly between 3 and 5 inches. Speakers made with high-performance speakers also mean lower transient distortion and better sound quality.
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