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What are the benefits of using wooden materials for the earphone cavity!

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Everyone knows that many musical instruments are made of wood materials, such as acoustic guitars, zithers, pipas, and so on. For many people who have really studied the sound of guitars, they know that the quality of guitar wood will affect the sound quality of a piano. It can also be said that the quality of a piano is distinguished from the wood. If you have a guitar with a beautiful appearance, almost perfect tone, and a piano composed of rare woods from all over the world, it is something to be proud of.

What are the benefits of using wooden materials for the earphone cavity!

In the manufacture of musical instruments, the tone properties of wood will vary significantly due to the type, weight, wood fiber structure, age and density of the tree, and even the drying treatment of the felled wood will affect the tone. In theory, the heavier the wood, the better the continuity (sustain, SUSTAIN), and the sound is bright and clear, of which bright and clear tone is very important for BASS. On the other hand, the lighter the wood sounds, the sound will appear unclear or muddy, and the high frequency will be insufficient. This feature is particularly suitable for HUMBUCKER pickups (double coils). For light wood, two types of wood are mostly used at the same time to solve the problem of insufficient high frequency. The most typical is LES PAUL from GIBSUN. The tone properties of medium-weight wood are between heavy wood and ultra-light wood.

Wood musical instruments can produce a lower-sounding effect, full of sound, deep bass, pleasant treble, and not too bright. The sound is three-dimensional and multi-layered, and the overtone is excellent. For the same reason, our headphone cavity uses wood as the resonance box, which has the same effect on the sound quality as the wood box of the guitar. The cavity shell of the BQ earphone is made of wood material, which restores the authenticity of the human voice and the three-tone balance.
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