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Mobile PC sound card and speakers

2021-04-14 343
Mobile PC sound card: Any accessories on a mobile PC must be restricted in terms of size and power consumption. The sound card, which is one of the current standard accessories of computers, cannot be separated from this rule. In order to effectively reduce the size and power consumption of the whole machine, Almost all sound cards on mobile PCs use onboard soft sound cards.

Mobile PC sound card and speakers

The biggest difference between a soft sound card and a hardware sound card is the lack of a digital audio processing unit. Digital audio decoding is completely dependent on the CPU in the same way as software operations. Therefore, the CPU occupancy rate of using a soft sound card is obviously higher than that of an independent hardware sound card. With the continuous increase of the CPU frequency, the CPU burden caused by the soft sound card in the P4-M and above machines is not very important. The problem is that because the integration of the sound card effectively reduces the area of the motherboard, it creates conditions for the design of mobile PCs to be smaller and lighter. Since the hardware is integrated in the chipset, fewer circuits can be used to reduce the power loss during signal transmission, so Using an integrated sound card is more power-efficient than using an independent sound card.

Mobile PC speaker: It is the sound unit of a mobile PC. Generally, the mobile PC is equipped with a simple mono speaker, which is located in the lower right corner of the wrist rest of the laptop. Since the speaker is facing downwards, the sound waves will pass through the desktop. The rebound can reach the human ear, and the sound sounds very small and muffled.
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