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The efficiency of the speaker and the output power of the power amplifier match

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The efficiency of the speaker and the output power of the power amplifier are related to the design orientation of the speaker and the power amplifier.

Let me first talk about the reason why the design of the speakers makes a pair of speakers highly efficient but incoherent. In modern speakers, the combination of speaker units is mostly a combination of more than two channels, and some even use dozens of flagship units. Due to the large number of units used, the design of the crossover is more complicated. In order to adapt to the working characteristics, efficiency and phase of each unit when the unit is working, the crossover uses a lot of capacitors, resistors and coils. These parts will consume a lot of power. Although the sensitivity and efficiency of the unit are very high, it can be driven with very little power, but when many units work together, the required driving current is very large, such as the current output of a power amplifier. If it is not enough, it will cause distortion. If the volume is forcibly increased, when the amplifier itself is not designed for overload protection, it will burn the amplifier or even burn the speaker unit.

Audiophiles often have a misunderstanding, thinking that power amplifiers with large wattages must be powerful. In fact, the size of the wattage is only one of the indicators of the power amplifier. The most important thing is that the amount of current it outputs is the key. Don’t you see that those portable travel audio combinations that are only a few kilograms on the market also have hundreds of watts of power? Would you believe that an amplifier with only a few large batteries can withstand this? Just think about it, how many A 100-watt rice cooker can already cook rice. Can you try to use a few batteries? These numbers that even the manufacturers see and blush, are just some businessmen’s heads. The current is sufficient, the power amplifier must have a strong power supply, and a strong output stage can do it. Only when the current can meet the needs of many speakers, can it achieve the effect of beautiful sound. This is the modern flagship or those high-end The power amplifier has only three hundreds of watts of output, which is the reason for its staggering weight.

The principle of the cooperation of speakers and power amplifiers is not only to look at the efficiency of the speakers, but also to look at its requirements for current. Just looking at its efficiency to match the power amplifier, it often makes the mistakes in the examples I have said before.

The efficiency of the speaker and the output power of the power amplifier match

Speaking of this, you might think, is it possible that I have a large wattage and strong current amplifier, which can be used with any speaker in the world? You are wrong! Many people have tried some High-current power amplifiers push some high-efficiency speakers, but the effect is not as good as some fine-wattage and fine-current power amplifiers. What is the reason? This involves the problem of speaker unit design, especially those designed before the 1970s, and Those horn-style speakers. At that time, the power amplifiers produced by general manufacturers were only a few to tens of watts. At that time, the design sensitivity and efficiency of the speaker unit were very high, and the current required was very small. It only needed a few watts of power amplifier to push it to the sky. Many manufacturers still produce such speakers, including JBL, KLipsh, Lowther, Altec, TAD and other brands. Under continuous improvement, some of these products can not only have high-efficiency features, but also can withstand high power. However, some products can only use low-power amplifiers to make their sound beautiful. For example, Lowther products, if you use some A power amplifier with a slightly higher power (for example, more than 10 watts) will completely lose its unique charm and beauty. Klipsh's speakers are only suitable for some low-wattage and beautiful sound power amplifiers to promote the sound. If you use some The powerful current and high-wattage power amplifier pushes it, and the sound only appears rigid, and the croaking completely loses its own tone and temperament.

In addition to the above phenomenon, what is more interesting is that some low-efficiency speakers use some fine-power amplifiers to push them, and they are also pushed well. How can this explain? In addition, some people use a 100-watt machine to push it. Push it to lose to a power amplifier with only a few tens of watts, and even lose the power water. What is the reason? In addition, a few watts of power amplifier, it sounds like its power is more than a few tens of watts. The performance of the stone machine is not bad, what is the reason? Why does a tens of watts of power amplifier will burn out the speaker unit, and a few hundred watts of power at the same volume but will not burn the unit? Believe that this is where the enthusiasts are confused.
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