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The advantages and disadvantages of active speakers

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Advantages and disadvantages of active speakers
Active speakers, called ActiveSpeaker in English, are also called active speakers. One of its major features is that it has a built-in electronic crossover system and comes with a power amplifier. Active speakers are usually marked with the output power, input impedance and Input the signal level and other parameters, so all you have to do is to connect the power supply and audio cable to make the sound.
At present, studio monitor speakers, engineering speakers or speakers for dance halls are basically "active speakers". Of course, they are now used in multimedia, such as desktop speakers, Bluetooth speakers, etc., all of which are active speakers. .

1. It comes with a power amplifier, no need to connect to a post-amplifier, the whole system is simple and clear, easy to use. Just need to connect a computer, Blu-ray/audio player, DAP, etc. to play. You don't need to consider professional issues such as power size, impedance matching, etc., just plug and play.
2. In addition to the built-in amplifier, the active speaker also has an electronic crossover system and a decoding system, which can systematically restore the original sound of the sound, with less distortion, and a stable sound bottom. It will not be affected by factors such as wires and power amplifiers. Has changed.

3. The space is more flexible. Because of the built-in amplification system and electronic crossover, you don't need to place power amplifiers and other equipment, making your own space more concise.

The advantages and disadvantages of active speakers

1. Since each speaker has an independent amplifier and electronic distributor, each speaker needs to be powered independently. In other words, if you want to set up a 5.1.2 or 7.1.4 speaker system, you must have 8 or 12 independent power supplies make it work, which requires higher stability of the power supply. Of course, if it is only used on a computer desktop, the 2.0 system only needs 2 power supplies.
2. It is necessary to turn on the power of each speaker separately. Some "active speakers" even need to adjust the volume of each speaker. It is slightly troublesome to adjust the volume of multiple speakers, but not all active speakers need this. , So be careful when choosing.

Advantages and disadvantages of passive speakers
Passive speakers, called PassiveSpeaker in English, are also called "passive speakers". There is no amplifier circuit inside, but there are crossover networks and impedance compensation circuits.
It cannot be plug-and-play, and it needs a post-amplifier or a combined power amplifier to promote it. The whole system is relatively more complicated.
Compared with active speakers, passive speakers have various types such as floor-standing speakers and satellite speakers in addition to bookshelf speakers.

1. No need to supply power, only need to connect audio cable, but need to connect power amplifier.
2. Increased tuning flexibility. Due to the need to connect power amplifiers, it has a greater impact on power amplifiers, tube amplifiers, cables and other equipment, but this allows you to match equipment with different people. Some people like this tone , Some people like that kind of tone, and decide the tuning effect according to the power amplifier and wire.

1. The system is relatively complicated, not plug-and-play like "active speakers". You need to have more professional knowledge to make a match that suits you.
2. It takes up more space, and the volume is relatively larger, which is not applicable in some scenarios, such as computer desktops.
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