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Understand the daily maintenance of speakers

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[The previous words] After the rain, the rain will get more and more, and the south will enter the rainy season. At this time, if the audio equipment is not properly maintained, it is the most vulnerable time, so the maintenance of the audio is particularly important. The following is an introduction to audio enthusiasts. Some basic sound protection methods, I hope to help everyone.

Speakers are indeed a kind of equipment that is not prone to failure, but not necessarily failure does not mean that it will not fail. In the process of using speakers, there will always be problems of one kind or another, which brings us great inconvenience. As the saying goes, take precautions. If you can do a good job of daily maintenance and maintenance in the process of using the speakers, you can at least delay the time of the speakers and make your use more comfortable.

Of course, if there is a problem with the speaker, we have to find a way to solve it. How to do the daily maintenance of the speaker and how to solve the problem is also a science. But this knowledge can be said to be not profound, many things are quite simple, but we don’t pay attention to it or find it troublesome in our daily use, but I want to point out some of the reasons for everyone, or Can mention everyone's attention to speaker maintenance.

In this article, we will let everyone understand the daily maintenance methods of speakers and how to solve problems in speaker products.

Ordinary maintenance should be done well-dustproof

During the use of the speaker, many malfunctions are often not caused by the speaker itself. For example, problems such as dust, moisture resistance, and positioning will cause the speaker to malfunction. You should pay attention to these problems in normal use.

1. Dust prevention is the key
Dust has always been the natural enemy of power amplifiers. Many power amplifiers have often overlooked the huge lethality caused by dust in the course of many years of use, but this will happen sooner or later. Many friends will ask the speaker is a closed design, how can dust enter the cabinet? I have to say that this is actually not a comprehensive understanding.
Although the speakers have adopted a sealed design, some brands of speakers with independent subwoofers have a connection cable between the satellite box and the subwoofer, which is clamped on by the pins on the cabinet. If a lot of dust enters here, it will cause the connection between the speaker cable and the speaker to be unsmooth, which will directly affect the sound quality of the playback. I believe this is also something that many friends have encountered.
Although the speaker is a sealed structure, the inside is not completely free from dust. When dust enters the cabinet, the most difficult to clean is the speaker unit. A little attention will cause the speaker to break. It is necessary to pay attention to cleaning. of. When cleaning the interior, the power should be turned off, and it should not be washed with water. It is best to use a vacuum cleaner, as long as it is gently washed on the speaker, most of the dust can be removed.
Therefore, in daily life, we should clean the speakers at least once a week, and try to keep the speakers free from dust. In addition, try to place the speaker in a place where there is not much dust to prolong the life of the speaker.
Moisture-proof and positioning issues

2. Moisture-proof must be done well
Humidity is the biggest natural enemy of speakers, and of course it is also the natural enemy of all electrical products. If the speaker is wet, the horn's diaphragm will physically deteriorate during the vibration, which will accelerate the aging of the horn's diaphragm and directly lead to the degradation of sound quality. It is like a piece of paper. The paper will be intact if it shakes when it is dry, but if it is dampened with water, the vibration will cause the paper to break or wrinkle.
In addition, humidity will aggravate the aging and breakage of the soft rubber ring of the speaker, and it can also corrode and rust some metal parts inside the speaker, causing unexpected failures. Therefore, when using speakers, you should place the speakers in a relatively dry environment. If the home environment is really humid, you can also make a big bag. Put the speakers in the bag when you are not using them. This will help The speaker is moisture-proof. In addition, the speaker should be kept playing for a period of time every day to prevent moisture from the heat emitted by the speaker itself.

3. The temperature of the speaker environment should be suitable

Various components and other parts in the sound box have certain requirements for temperature, such as wood, paper cone sound cone, high pitch silk film, suspension edge, centering bracket, adhesive, voice coil, etc. If the temperature is too high or too low, it will cause unstable operation of the speaker components. Of course, this problem will not occur under normal circumstances. However, some families have stoves, heating, etc. Try not to let the speakers close to such places. For example, in a heated room in the north, if the speakers are too close to the heater, it is really not good. This is worth noting.

Understand the daily maintenance of speakers

4. The placement of speakers
Many friends see the speaker placement problem, they must raise objections, do I still need to find a place for the speaker placement? In fact, the speaker placement is quite knowledgeable, of course, this is considered in terms of sound quality. Since this article mainly introduces the maintenance of speakers, I will not explain the specific method of placing speakers for the sake of sound quality. I just want to make two points. First, the speakers should be placed as far as possible not to be exposed to direct sunlight, nor Near a place where the temperature is too low. Because these places are particularly easy to cause the aging of the internal components of the speaker, it must be remembered.
In addition, the speaker is not suitable to be placed in a place with strong electromagnetic fields, such as next to a refrigerator. Although they will not cause particularly serious consequences to the speakers, but after long-term use, there will be some unexpected failures. If you want to place it in a better place, you can consider a place with better ventilation, which is more conducive to the heat dissipation of the speaker.

Ordinary maintenance needs to be done
If you want to have a more enjoyable "life" with your speakers and be able to play high-quality music for a long time, you must understand some operating rules.

1. Turn the speaker on and off, adjust the volume to a suitable position
At present, there are more and more active speakers. Except for a few speakers with independent power amplifiers, many speakers have built-in power amplifiers. The power amplifier chip is most afraid of the impact of instantaneous current. If the instantaneous current is very large, it is easy to create a successful amplifier chip and be burned. Therefore, before turning on the audio source device, adjust the sound of the speaker to the minimum, and then increase the volume after the audio source device is turned on. When turning off the audio source, you should also adjust the volume of the speakers to the minimum before turning off the audio source. In this way, the power amplifier chip in the speaker can be well protected, making your speaker "life" more enjoyable.

2. Don't listen to music at maximum volume for a long time
It is rare in real life to enjoy music at the maximum volume when using a stereo. However, this situation may also occur. For example, the computer is placed in the study room, and the stereo is also placed in the study room. When some friends come to chat and drink in the living room, the volume of the audio in the study room will be adjusted to a very high level, which is convenient for enjoying music in the living room.
What are the consequences of this? In terms of sound quality, it is easy to cause sound distortion, or even burn the pronunciation unit. In addition to this situation, it is easy to cause the temperature on the back of the speaker to be too high, which affects the service life of the speaker. Therefore, when using speakers, adjust the volume to about half at most, so that the above situation will not occur.
If the speaker is not used for a long time, it should be unplugged, because although there is no sound signal input to the speaker after it is turned off, the speaker still works at a static operating point, and there is still a quiescent current flowing through the internal circuit. In fact, it is still working Yes, this means that it is very likely to cause damage to amplifiers and other components.

3. Do not aim the microphone at the speaker
I believe this situation is more common. For example, when singing in some KTVs, if you use the microphone to aim at the speaker, it will make a harsh howling. This situation is caused by the tweeter of the speaker, and it is very easy to burn the tweeter. So do not aim the microphone at the speaker when using it.
Use some small details in the speaker
In addition to general maintenance and follow the rules of use when using speakers, there are also some experience that we can learn from.

1. The speaker should be fixed
The fixation mentioned here does not mean permanent fixation, which cannot be moved after fixation. The fixation we are referring to can be understood as preventing the speaker from slipping and moving, because it is inevitable that we will not touch the speaker during use. If the speaker falls on the ground with minor injuries, it will be very troublesome for serious injuries.

2. After using for a long time, you should clean the speaker wire
After the speaker cable has been used for a long time, the two ends of the cable will inevitably be oxidized. When the end of the thread is oxidized, it will cause the sound quality of the speaker to decrease. At this time, it is necessary to clean the contact points with detergent to keep the sound quality unchanged for a long time.

3. When listening to music, you should check the line connection first
In fact, when the speaker cables are successfully connected, we will not touch these cables again. But don't be afraid of 10,000, but just in case, when using speakers, it is best to check whether the speaker cable is connected properly, and you can also check whether the speaker cable has become a rat's dish.

Written at the end:
It can be seen that these simple maintenance and maintenance of the speakers are things that everyone can do, and it is not too big a problem, such as damage to the box body and the welding circuit, etc., everyone can do it, but everyone usually pays attention to it. Pay attention to the problem. I have to admit that paying attention to the details of these maintenance and maintenance will greatly enhance the service life of our speakers. A set of speakers is not like a consumable digital electronic product. The more you listen to the sound, the more mature it is. The most critical problem is that we First of all, it needs to have a meticulous care.
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