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Speaker audition identification and selection

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A good speaker should be very durable. For example, when a guest comes at home, they play music for a while, and at first they think that the speakers are good, and the sound is powerful enough, especially the mid and high frequencies are very bright, and the low frequencies are also shocking. But after listening for a long time, I will feel very noisy, very tiring, very uncomfortable, and have to shut down and leave. This kind of loudspeaker that makes people feel very noisy and tiring means that it has a lot of distortion, and the loud speakers are definitely not good speakers. Good speakers should be reserved for residents.

A good speaker should have a distinct personality.
Some people say that speakers are the sediment of a country's national style and history and culture. This is not an exaggeration at all. Therefore, the popular brand-name speakers include the so-called American sound, British sound, German sound, and European sound: American speakers focus on strong power and huge dynamics. Especially the speakers produced in the western United States, such as JBL and BOSE, have a bright and beautiful sound, a clean sound, and a wide open. The luxury and roughness reveal a domineering chic and self-confidence. It is especially suitable for performing rock, jazz and heavy metal percussion, and professional OK halls. This may be related to the crude and unrestrained character of the American western cowboys and the penetration of Hollywood culture and art. The British box has a typical European royal blood, the tone is soft and sweet, gentle and calm, the shape is dignified and elegant, but flashy, and the natural veneer reveals a gentle and elegant nobleman's demeanor. It is noble in the Hi-Fi and even Hi-END fields. Status. It is most suitable for the performance of classical string music and vocal reproduction, but it is inferior to the performance of large dynamic bursting scenes. The German speakers fully reflect the meticulous, rigorous and self-disciplined professionalism of the Germanic nation, the sound is natural, neutral and peaceful, especially the cabinets are exquisite in workmanship, such as Ruyili, Degao, etc. The shapes are very beautiful, and the tone is slightly cold and tough, which is more suitable. For the replay of popular music. As for domestically produced boxes, the styles of domestic boutiques are mostly similar to British and European styles, and have not yet further formed their own individual characteristics. Well-known domestic speaker manufacturers are working hard for it, and we believe that there will be a "Chinese style" with our own characteristics in the near future.

Good speakers can hear the most subtle messages in the music background.
The degree of expression of musical details in a speaker determines the resolution of the speaker. A speaker with a good resolution can hear many details in the music background. Listen to the first song "The Forgotten Time" of "Folk Song Cai Qin". The first few sentences are sung a cappella. The breathing sound between the sentences, the teeth that open the mouth, and the end sound of the vocal sound are so clear as if Cai Qin is standing there. Sing to you softly in your ears. High-resolution speakers can even hear the sound of band players flipping through the sheet music and the players' feet moving on the floor. A good speaker allows you to hear the accurate positioning of various instruments in the sound field. Especially when listening to a symphony, the speakers with well-positioned sound image will make you feel; the first and second violin group should be located on the left side of the stage, the piano and harp behind the left, the right side of the stage is usually the cello array, and later the double bass array, the stage In the center are viola array, flute, oboe, French horn, bassoon, trombone, tuba, trumpet, percussion and timpani. A good speaker can accurately reproduce the sound field positioning with distinct levels. Even if you are not an enthusiast, you can also hear the virtual sound field in front of you under the guidance of an expert.

Speaker audition identification and selection

At last. There is no conflict between Hi-Fi speakers and AV speakers.
Except for a few personalities that are too prominent, most Hi-Fi speakers have very good acoustic restoration capabilities. It is absolutely capable of various sound effects of "home theater". Even a small bookshelf box such as Compass One, although the frequency range of the unit is insufficient, but an active subwoofer is still capable. The only difference between the two is that the AV box only has a little magnetic shielding treatment on the speaker to prevent the TV from getting too close (usually within 85 cm) and magnetizing the screen. In addition, the low frequency end of the crossover is deliberately increased to enhance the bass effect. The speaker vibration plate is also made of lighter, thinner, and more rigid materials in order to be faster and more sensitive, but most of the quality of the AV speakers themselves It is not high, and the distortion is often relatively large, so if economic conditions permit, it is better to use Hi-Fi boxes for the main speakers of the family discharged from the hospital. When auditioning, it is recommended to use Sufimut's solo violin "CARMEN-FANTSLE (CARMEN-FANTSLE)" the first "Song of the Wanderers" with the film number DG43754412 to test the treble. Pay special attention to the high quality of the violin's treble, with a noble and gorgeous swan-like sweet and smooth tone. For the midrange part, you can listen to the vocals of the first "Forgotten Time" and the eighth "Ferry" of "Tai Qin Folk Songs" under the title of DJC96108, and listen to whether Tsai Qin's tone is full and whether there is a unique sense of vicissitudes. The low frequency part can be tested with the sixth song "Hotel California" by the Eagles (the film number GEFD247225). Pay special attention to whether the low frequency of the kick drum is strong and shocking.
After mastering the above methods, you can generally choose a set of satisfactory speakers. In short: the audition criteria for a good speaker should be: high frequency is slender and smooth without harshness, mid frequency is full and bright, low frequency is strong, clean, flexible and full of volume.
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