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What is a smart speaker? What is the future of smart speakers?

2021-04-12 346
In the past few years, smart phones changed lives. Now it seems that smart speakers have changed lives.

What is a smart speaker?
The smart speaker is a product of a speaker upgrade. It is a tool for home consumers to use voice to access the Internet, such as on-demand songs, online shopping, or understanding the weather forecast. It can also control smart home devices, such as opening curtains and setting Refrigerator temperature, warming up the water heater in advance, etc. The smart speaker belongs to the intelligent voice technology, and its core is to make the machine have the ability similar to human in the voice dialogue.

In smart homes, smart speakers are more popular?

The difference between smart speakers and mobile phones is like the difference between AI chips and traditional chips. Smart speakers make up for the shortcomings of smart phones and play a more important role in smart homes. Too many smart phone functions cause the voice assistant's feedback speed to be too slow, and the voice assistant's memory space is too high, which affects the use of other functions; based on the security of the mobile phone system, the functions of the mobile phone voice assistant have been restricted and castrated, so you cannot No more manual operations; smart phones can’t fit in high-end voice assistant pickup systems, unlike smart speakers, which can guarantee the core voice interaction experience regardless of the grade...

What is a smart speaker? What is the future of smart speakers?

The "2018 Usage Status Survey Report" pointed out that consumers are full of expectations for smart speakers.
78% of respondents said that using voice or natural language to interact with smart speakers, home control centers or other electronic devices will make life more convenient.
Nearly half of the consumers interviewed expressed their desire to bring voice-activated speakers to outdoor or portable use, and hope to improve battery life and require speakers to support cellular connection technology.
32% of respondents said that if they can only buy one terminal in the next 12 months, they will choose to buy a smart speaker integrated with a cloud voice assistant.

What is the future of smart speakers? As long as humans are lazy enough, everything is possible.
Since the release of Amazon Echo, the first smart speaker product at the end of 2014, smart speaker systems have occupied TV refrigerator washing machines. With the further improvement of AI voice chip technology, it is just around the corner to open up consumer electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, PC computers, and build a complete home management entertainment digital platform. Smart speakers are gradually becoming the entrance to future smart homes, that is, the control center, a strategic high ground, so no matter if you are a big tech or an e-commerce boss, you can't ignore it.
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