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Several Principles of Respond to Attention by Purchase Tone

2021-01-30 1244
Several criteria to pay attention to when purchasing sound. With the gradual improvement of everyone's income level and the continuous improvement of living conditions, an increasing number of people expect to purchase a set of sound sources that are both right and left, or to replace the ones that have fallen behind. Now I will contact my own experience to talk about several criteria for purchasing sound response.

1. Determine the type of audio based on listening conditions and usage. A set of audio equipment, regardless of quality or size, is basically composed of three components: audio source, power amplifier and speakers. The sound source is the sound supply equipment, mainly including CD, MD, VCD, DVD disc player, TAPE deck, TUNER radio head; power amplifier and speaker, respectively, are amplifying equipment and sound generating equipment.

The combination of audio source, power amplifier and speakers can be varied, and different combinations form various types of audio equipment: for example, a "audio" with a three-in-one audio source, amplifier, and speaker-radio recorder ; There are some desktop speakers that combine sound sources and power amplifiers, plus split speakers; there are also three types of floor-to-ceiling speakers (including home theaters) that are completely separated and have more operating functions.

Several Principles of Respond to Attention by Purchase Tone

Various different types of audio equipment have their own characteristics. The tape recorder is small in size, which is convenient to carry and use, but the various technical indicators are low; the floor-to-ceiling audio is large in size and suitable for long-term placement in a wide area And application, some of them have higher technical indicators; the advantages and disadvantages of desktop speakers are between the radio and floor speakers, and they have complementary advantages.

After understanding the types of audio equipment and the advantages and disadvantages of different types of audio, we can determine which type of audio to purchase based on our listening conditions and usage: if it is used for listening to radio and playing tapes To learn a foreign language, then purchasing a better quality radio cassette recorder can meet the needs; if the living area is small, and it is mainly placed on a writing desk or computer station for listening to the radio and appreciating music, then you can purchase a digitally tuned FM radio Small and medium-sized desktop audio with CD or DVD broadcasting function; if the living room area of the home is larger (15m2 or more), it is convenient to place large-volume speakers. The purpose of the purchase is to appreciate dynamic, high-quality music or broadcast DVD movies. , So of course you can think about purchasing floor speakers.

In addition, if you only have the usual request for audio and don’t want to waste money and room space, and now you are planning to purchase a large-screen color TV, you can choose a "Sound Alone" color TV with an FM tuner inside, and purchase another It is also a very good and even fashionable way to use a better quality DVD player with a "audio alone" color TV as a set of audio.

2. Do whatever you can, depending on what you need. In today's home appliance market, there are not only many audio brands, different styles, and quotations, ranging from four to five hundred yuan to several thousand yuan to ten thousand yuan or even tens of thousands of yuan. . Under this circumstance, we should "do what we can, get what we need", that is, we should decide the brand and price of the audio we want to purchase based on our own economic capacity.
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