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The influence of cabinet material on the quality of speakers

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At present, the materials used in speakers are mainly divided into plastic cabinets and wooden cabinets. The material thickness and quality are directly related to the cost of the speaker, and also affect the performance of the speaker. The greater the material density of the speaker shell, the smaller the vibration generated by the cabinet when the sound is emitted, especially for active speakers with high-power amplifiers, and the thickness of the plate is a strong guarantee for achieving the super bass effect to a certain extent. Therefore, the bass effect of plastic speakers can't be flattered. Obviously, low-end audio products must be plastic cases. But must the mid-range speakers be made of wood? The answer is no. Speakers of this grade are made of wood and plastic-cased imitated wood, but some imitations have reached the level of fake and real. The mid-to-high-end products are definitely made of wood, but the use of medium-density boards or multi-layer boards also has different effects on sound quality. Even if the selected board is the same, the output power is the same, and the sound quality of different design structures and different cabinet sizes may still be very different. However, although some speakers use plastic cabinets, they are also outstanding. For example, CREATIVE's Sound works speakers not only use a plastic shell, but also have a small size. The first impression is nothing special, but after audition and comparison, It feels really extraordinary. Both the tone and the sound quality have reached a professional level. The bass is also very powerful, and of course the price is not cheap.

The influence of cabinet material on the quality of speakers

What to pay attention to when choosing speakers
First, pay attention to whether the sound color of the speaker output is uniform. Since the sound source of multimedia music is mainly games and general music, the proportion of treble is relatively large, and the proportion of bass is relatively small. Second, pay attention to the localization ability of the sound field. The ability of speaker positioning is directly related to the on-site effect of users playing games and watching DVD movies. Third, attention should be paid to the dynamic amplification limit of the speaker frequency domain, that is, when the user increases the volume of the speaker and exceeds a certain limit, whether the speaker can still maintain a uniform and clear sound source signal amplification capability in the full range. Fourth, pay special attention to whether the speaker cabinet has resonance. Generally speaking, a speaker with a thin cabinet or a plastic enclosure will resonate when outputting at a low frequency and high volume below 200 Hz. The presence of cabinet resonance will seriously affect the output sound quality, so users should try their best to choose speakers with wooden enclosures when choosing speakers. Fifth, pay attention to whether the case is anti-magnetic. Since the display is very sensitive to the surrounding magnetic field, if the magnetic field of the speaker is large, the image on the screen will be affected, and even the life of the display will be reduced. Therefore, you must pay special attention when choosing. Sixth, pay attention to the airtightness of the speaker cabinet. Because the better the airtightness of the speaker, the better the output sound quality. The airtightness inspection method is very simple. The user can put his hand outside the inverted hole of the speaker. If there is obvious air rushing out or sucking in, it means that the airtight performance of the speaker is good.

Having said so much, the topic about speakers is far from finished. Due to space limitations, I will pick the important ones to chat with you. Different people have different opinions about sound. We just hope to convey a concept to everyone, that is, sound is already an important part of the computer, and we must not despise it.
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