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The future of wireless speakers: WiFi speakers and Bluetooth speakers

2021-04-10 370
With the development of technology, smart homes are slowly integrated into our lives. At the same time, thanks to the popularity of smart devices, wireless speakers have also become a very popular peripheral product, allowing users to use mobile phones and tablets at home and outdoors to wirelessly play online music or make hands-free calls. WiFi speaker is an emerging product in the era of the Internet of Things. It is the same wireless speaker as Bluetooth speaker, but it is essentially different in technology and causes great differences. Bluetooth speakers have damaged sound effects, limited transmission distance, and no ductility. Other drawbacks have been overcome one by one on the WiFi speakers. Therefore, many people believe that Bluetooth is just a transition, and WIFI is the future. Now let’s take a brief look at the difference between WiFi speakers and Bluetooth speakers:

1. Working principle
The Bluetooth speaker is connected to mobile phones, computers and other devices through the built-in Bluetooth chip, and the audio on the mobile phone or computer is pushed to the speakers, and played after being encoded and decoded. There are several problems with Bluetooth speakers that cannot be solved-① Can not work independently from mobile phones, iPads and other terminal devices; ② Occupy the audio channel of the phone, and stop the current playback when making a call or listening or watching other audio and video; ③ At the same time Only support one terminal to push to one speaker, that is, single-point-to-single-point transmission.
The WiFi speaker has a built-in WiFi module, and the speaker is connected to the local area network through a router. After the speaker is connected to a mobile phone, tablet and other devices, the phone transmits the link of the sound file to the speaker, and the speaker will download and play from the cloud by itself. The terminal device is just a remote control for the speaker, responsible for "giving orders", and the speaker will work independently after the instruction is issued. Since files can be downloaded from the cloud, the content source of WiFi speakers is almost unlimited. In addition, WiFi speakers can be controlled one-to-many, many-to-one, and many-to-many, which can be freely combined and matched, and the experience scene is rich.

2. Transmission efficiency
The bandwidth of Bluetooth is generally below 3Mbps (Bluetooth 4.0), the transmission speed is slow, and it is difficult to transmit lossless music, coupled with the loss of the encoding and decoding process, resulting in the general sound quality of Bluetooth speakers. In terms of transmission distance, most Bluetooth speakers adopt the Class 2 standard, and the theoretical effective transmission distance is between 8-30 meters. In the home environment, it is hindered and interfered by furniture, walls, TVs, microwave ovens, etc., and the actual transmission distance is average. At about 10 meters.
The bandwidth of WIFI is generally above 150Mbps, the transmission is faster, the stability is stronger, and the interference from the external environment is also less.

The future of wireless speakers: WiFi speakers and Bluetooth speakers

3. Usage scenarios
Due to the inevitable limitations of technology, Bluetooth speakers are placed on the desktop in most cases. They are used as external devices when listening to music, watching movies or games on the Internet, and cannot extend more usage scenarios.
The use of WiFi speakers is more extensive: ① The advantages of stability and transmission distance allow it to be played in any corner of the house; ② Many-to-many transmission is possible, and friends and relatives can share music with each other; ③ Rich file sources, except For files that have been downloaded by mobile phones and other devices, WiFi speakers can be downloaded directly from the cloud. Just open the dedicated APP of WiFi speakers, search or select your favorite music or radio station, and then add to the task list; ④ The WIFI module in the speaker, Each speaker is both a signal receiving device and a signal transmitting device. Different speakers can be grouped and split freely, and different songs can be played between each other to meet the music needs of different spaces.
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