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What are the types of Amazon accounts? How to register?

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Before preparing to register an Amazon account, we first need to understand the main types of Amazon accounts. Strictly speaking, there are four main types of Amazon accounts: VC accounts, VE accounts, professional sellers and individual sellers.

The full name of the VC account is Amazon Vendor Central. The application for this account type must first be the qualification of a US company, and must also be a company or brand recognized by Amazon. For example, our products are selling well offline in the United States, and Amazon has also seen its potential and product profits, so Amazon may invite us to settle in.

The full name of the VE account is Amazon Vendor Express, which is the opposite of Amazon's invited account. This type of account is generally because we think our products are competitive, or our products can bring a certain profit to Amazon, and we apply to become Amazon's suppliers. The nature of VE is to provide Amazon as a supplier, sell our products to Amazon, and let Amazon help us to operate the account process.

However, in the first two years, Amazon closed the channel for VC and VE accounts, so the accounts applied by ordinary small and medium sellers are professional seller accounts and individual seller accounts.

The connection between professional sellers and individual seller accounts

First of all, we need to know that a newly registered account is a professional seller by default, and professional sellers and individual sellers can switch each other. When should I switch to a professional seller and when should I switch to an individual seller?

Foreign newcomers suggest that if you want to continue to operate Amazon's account and want to have long-term development on the Amazon platform, it is recommended to choose professional sellers. If you think of Amazon as a sideline, you can switch to individual sellers. This is all possible.

The difference between individual sellers and professional seller accounts

What are the types of Amazon accounts? How to register?

First of all, professional sellers have to pay monthly rent to Amazon every month. Taking the North American station as an example, they have to pay Amazon a monthly rent of $39.99 each month, and if it is a personal store, there is no need to pay Amazon a monthly rent.

In addition, the number of listings listed by professional sellers is unlimited, that is, the number of products listed on Amazon is unlimited. If our store is a personal store, then the number of listings on the shelves can only upload 40 products per month. From these two points of view, if we are doing more sku, or we are doing more products, it would be better to be a professional seller.

Amazon’s professional sellers also have many permissions, for example, they can do promotions, they can have the permissions of featured sellers, and they can also own a gold shopping cart, which is the buy box that many sellers want to win, and (report) data reports. We You can see some product data reports in the store backstage, and you can also send FBA. But if we are individual sellers, many of these permissions are impossible to achieve. For example, our stores are limited, cannot do promotions, cannot have the permissions of featured sellers, and no matter how hard you try, you may not be able to get the gold shopping cart. In addition, the product data in the individual seller's shop is not visible: for example, how much product is exposed, how many conversions, and how many sales.

Account registration method

After understanding the account type, the seller can select the corresponding account type to apply for registration.

Many people misunderstand professional sellers and individual sellers. They think that professional sellers register with company information and individual sellers register with their personal name. But in fact, the preparation of Amazon account registration information must be company qualifications.

There are two main ways to register on Amazon: one is to register through the channel of Amazon's official investment manager, and the other is to register through the official website of Amazon's global store.

The basic process of registering an account through the investment manager channel is shown in the figure:

First of all, we have to prepare some materials required for Amazon registration. The second step is to submit the intent information through the one-click shop page on the official website of the newcomer, and the investment manager will do the docking, fill in the pre-registration form, and fill in the pre-registration form, it will take about 3 to 7 working days. Go to the email sent by the investment manager for a preliminary review. In the email sent by the investment manager, the questions in it are roughly similar to the questions filled in in our pre-registration form. Remind everyone that you must reply to the investment manager within 24 hours after receiving the email. After replying to the email, you will receive the registration link from the investment manager in about 1 to 3 working days. This registration link is valid for 30 days, and you can register for an account any day within 30 days.

The process of starting the registration is actually very simple, just fill in some necessary information, such as the company's name, address and legal person information, credit card information and address. After filling in, it takes about half an hour to apply for the account, but the applied account is in a state where the sales right has been cancelled, and he needs to do a few steps to verify. The first verification is two-step verification. For the security of our account, Amazon will have a two-step verification process after opening the account. Two phone numbers are required for verification, or we use APP for verification.

After verification, submit the information to verify the identity of the seller, you need to verify the identity information of the legal person and the information on the business license. After the identity verification is completed, we still need to review the sales rights. The sales review before the sale also needs to prepare some documents, for example, we need to prepare some purchase invoices, or we need to prepare some legal person fees, addresses, bills, etc. After passing these two verifications, we have the right to sell, and we can The product is put on the shelf and the product is sold.
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