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How to get Amazon evaluation at low cost and zero risk?

2021-04-10 629
Anyone who has ever done Amazon knows the importance of the number of reviews to our listing. On the one hand, it is to effectively increase the weight of listing, and on the other hand, it is to effectively persuade sellers to buy our products.

However, Amazon's crackdown on shua orders is very strong, and it is not easy for sellers to get five-star praise.

So, what should we do in this review situation where a vote is hard to find? We can look at some of the channels that sellers usually find for evaluation: Common evaluation methods: Facebook, WeChat group, QQ group, etc.

Evaluation methods for a few people: Instagram, Pinterest, etc. The above methods are all effective channels for finding evaluations! Today, we will mainly explain to you how to find evaluation resources through Instagram:

At present, Instagram users have exceeded one billion, mainly an app that shares beautiful pictures and snapshot videos. In addition, Instagram has also launched video apps such as IGTV, Stories ad, etc., which are very popular among young people.

Finding internet celebrities and reviewers on Instagram is a very good platform for Amazon sellers. The content of instagram is mainly beautiful pictures and videos of life scenes. The quality of all the pictures on Instagram is relatively good, so the quality of the top talents is also good.

How to get Amazon evaluation at low cost and zero risk?

Before looking for Instagram influencers, please avoid looking for accounts with a blue √ mark. Such accounts are generally official Instagram accounts that have been certified by the brand.

For the accounts without the blue √ mark, we also need to distinguish whether it is an Instagram celebrity or a foreign businessman who is doing shop drainage. Generally, there are detailed instructions on the Instagram homepage introduction, and generally interested celebrities will leave contact information On the homepage. Search by keywords. For example, when we sell clothes, we can search with related words such as fashion, beauty, wearing, and outfit.

In the search results, we can see a lot of popular posts, and we can also use the prompt tags to search, such as the prompt words in the red box in the picture above.

Click inside to see the popular posts inside. Carefully observe the master’s information and create a portrait of the master. If you feel that it meets your test requirements, you can write a development letter and contact him proactively.

Choose high-quality expert posts, such as 3653 likes and 79 replies in the picture below. This shows that the enthusiasm of this expert is quite high. If she can help you evaluate, then enter the expert post, you can see other people's replies to the post, you can also reply, or you can contact other people who responded to the post and ask if they need an evaluation

We can also check the likes, and pay attention to the likes, and then screen whether the likes are foreign buyers, and if so, we can also send a letter asking if we can help with the evaluation.

When there is a good cooperation expert, we can ask the expert to refer other experts. Ask him to help you advertise recruit reviewers. Searching for reviewers or testers on Instagram will show up a lot, directly ask them if they are interested, as shown below:

We can also re-enter the relevant topic tags in the search box to find more reviewers. We can also post by ourselves, take pictures of our products, and post them on Instagram. After the reviewers see it, they will find you if they need it.
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