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What is the difference between monitor speakers and ordinary speakers

2021-04-09 363
Recently, there are several speakers on the market that claim to be monitor speakers. So what exactly is a monitor speaker? What is the difference with ordinary speakers? Let's talk about it below.

Speaking of monitor speakers, many people may have heard of them in the field of professional audio, and they are still very unfamiliar. This starts with the classification of speakers. Speakers can generally be divided into main playback speakers, monitor speakers, and return speakers according to their uses. The main sound box is generally used as the main sound box of the sound system to undertake the main sound playback task; the return sound box is also called the stage monitor speaker, which is generally used on the stage or dance hall for actors or band members to monitor their singing or playing sound. The monitor speakers are used for monitoring when producing audio programs in listening rooms and recording studios. It has the characteristics of small distortion, wide and flat frequency response, clear sound image, and little modification of the signal, so it can reproduce the original appearance of the sound most truly.

The sound engineer needs to hear the essence of the sound so that he can know how to modify the sound to achieve perfection. If the sound that has been "modified" is the first thing to hear, no one can guarantee what the final product will be. Look like. So in this sense, the monitor speaker may not be the most suitable speaker product for users to listen to music, because the design concept requires it to pursue the original appearance of the sound source as the starting point, and cannot add any stylized and personalized sound quality. The timbre is rendered, so we should not be able to hear any sound like British or American sound from a good monitor speaker.

What is the difference between monitor speakers and ordinary speakers

From the perspective of music appreciation, whether it is a monitor speaker for the purpose of pure objective playback, or a variety of Hi-Fi speakers and AV speakers that are exquisite and unique, all types of speaker products have their own different user groups. Monitor speakers with minimal stains must be the best choice for listening to music.

Speaking of which, we need to explain the word sound dye in addition. Sound dyeing is the extra interference of the essence of the sound and the original sound, the appearance of redundant sound, or the change of the original appearance of the sound. To give a more vivid example: you are speaking into a big jar, and you hear that your voice is different than usual. The space inside the jar changes your voice. This is sound dyeing. The essence of monitor speakers is to try to eliminate the sound pollution caused by speakers.

In fact, more people like the stylized and personalized sound effects produced by various types of Hi-Fi speakers. For Hi-Fi speakers, there will definitely be such and other sound dyeing. Manufacturers will also make subtle modifications to the corresponding frequencies in the sound based on their own understanding of music and the style of the product. This is a sound dyeing from an aesthetic perspective. This is just like photographs, monitors and other products. Sometimes some personalized products with a little thicker color and over-rendered flavor will be loved by more people. In other words, different people have different feelings about the orientation of the tone, and the monitor box and the ordinary Hi-Fi box have different applicable fields. If you want to set up a personal music studio or an audiophile who pursues the essence of sound, then a suitable monitor speaker is your best choice. On the PC multimedia system, the Hivi T200a near-field monitor speaker tested by this newspaper not long ago is undoubtedly one of the best choices.
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