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Why your Amazon ads have a low click-through rate?

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01A student's question
A student asked about setting up an advertisement of $40 per day. Looking at the advertisement data, there are more than 30,000 exposures per day, but the click-through rate (CTR) data is only 0.13%. The student is very confused, how to increase the click-through rate of their ads, but Don't know where to start.
Based on the feedback from this student, compared with competing products, his title matches 90%, the first image of the product is 70% qualified, the profit is not high, and the price change space is small. The student’s question is: in this case, how to optimize to increase clicks rate?
For 70% of the products, 30,000 exposures a day, such products on the Amazon platform are still biased towards popular products, and popular products have an obvious feature: there are many people who buy, but there are also many people who watch it, and there are many competitors. . In this logic, the click-through rate and conversion rate will be low.

There is a famous saying: "The problem is the progress ladder." The same is true for Amazon operations. There will be progress when there are problems. Of course, your profits are in your thinking and progress.

Why your Amazon ads have a low click-through rate?

02Factors affecting the click-through rate of ads, the quality of the listing
If the selection of a Listing category node is accurate, the title contains appropriate keywords, and the advertising bid is relatively high, the advertising space is relatively high. In this case, the effect of "high exposure" is achieved, but the product’s The poor main picture, the lack of aesthetics, and the small space occupied by the picture make the product small, which make the picture insufficiently attractive and cause consumers to lack the desire to click.
There is another situation: adding irrelevant keywords to the title and copy, causing the Listing to be displayed in some searches that are not particularly relevant, resulting in "exposure, no clicks", "high exposure, low clicks" results; the price is too high, Or comparable with peers, but the products do not have Review/Rating, the number of reviews, and the star rating are low, which will also lead to low click-through rates.
Through the information of the trainees, the title is qualified, the main picture is qualified, and the price does not change much. Subjective expressions often fail to see their true face and think that their performance is good.
Why does this problem occur? 1. Lack of cognition and grasp of optimization standards and details; 2. I tend to take hard work as credit.
So how to break this kind of self-satisfaction, I give you two suggestions: first, study hard and master the details of listing optimization, observe and learn from the listing layout and details of excellent sellers and competing BSRs; second, training office Look at your own "dual-self thinking", compare your listing with competing listings, and ask students and friends around you to test.
The quality of the listing determines the first element for customers to click on your product. Of course, your click-through rate is also hidden in the listing. If you optimize Lising, your Amazon ad click-through rate will be doubled.

03Factors affecting the click-through rate of advertisements
After going through the above operations, it is determined that your Listing performs well among the peers, but you are facing the problem of "high exposure and low click". At this moment, you have to try to optimize your advertising position, the same search results page, the top and bottom advertising spots , The number of impressions is the same, but the number of clicks is vastly different.
You can change the address of the Deliver to under the Amazon Logo in the upper left corner of the Amazon page to change the address to a location in the United States, and then use keywords to search to see if the ad position of the search result is at the bottom, or through the page The third-party advertising management tool automatically recognizes your advertising position (for example, Yidatatong). If you conclude that your advertising position is at the bottom, you can change its display position by adjusting the bidding method.
The optimization strategy is: the profit margin is large enough to increase the bidding to move the advertising position upward; the profit margin is small, reduce the bidding, and move the advertising position to the next page; although the number of exposures will be reduced, the number of clicks may be more, and the click-through rate may be It's high.
Adjust the bidding, the placement of ads for reasonable products, and you will find that the click-through rate is getting higher and higher.

04 Conclusion
By optimizing product listing and product advertising position, you can increase your Amazon advertising click-through rate.
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