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The difference between omnidirectional microphone and general microphone

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Microphone, the scientific name is microphone. Except for professionals who need high sound quality, most people don't know much about microphones, and they are all based on price to determine the quality. They have only two understandings of microphones, wired and wireless. This understanding
More one-sided, these two are directional microphones.
First of all, understand that the sound divergence is all-round. When a person speaks, it diverges to the surroundings in the air. As for how far it can travel, it depends on many factors.

Directional microphones generally have a small pickup radius, basically no more than three meters. They can be used by a single person and placed near the mouth. The sound quality is very good. No matter how far away it is, it will not pick up the sound. For single-pointing microphones, the sensitivity is limited to a certain range. If the sensitivity is too high, it will cause sharp howling, etc., involving many other equipment.

The difference between omnidirectional microphone and general microphone

In order to deal with this situation, a new form of omnidirectional microphone was born, the omnidirectional microphone. Generally speaking, the sound pickup radius is very large. There are three meters, five meters and ten meters. Compared with one meter, this level is very different. It not only picks up the voice of one person, but multiple people, up to a dozen people. .
The sensitivity of omnidirectional microphones is very high, which can realize the function of "letting everyone's voice in the scene be picked up".
The omnidirectional microphone also has the function of anti-echo (anti-howling). The quality of an omnidirectional microphone and its anti-echo effect is a very important factor.

Summary The omnidirectional microphone is an omnidirectional, highly sensitive sound collection device, and has a strong anti-echo function.
In the current teleconference system, the position of sound is undoubtedly more important than that of video.
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