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Amazon will pay European VAT on July 1 this year

2021-04-08 526

According to news on April 7, it was reported that last night, Amazon sent an email to some sellers entitled "Notice for EU e-commerce VAT changes starting from July 1, 2021." The platform stated that from July 1, 2021, 27 EU countries/regions will implement new value-added tax rules on e-commerce sales, which will have an impact on sellers selling products to EU consumers through online stores such as Amazon.

Amazon will pay European VAT on July 1 this year

Amazon also stated that the European Union will introduce an optional VAT declaration procedure called "Union One Stop Stop" ("Union-OSS"). With this simplified declaration procedure, sales partners with company registered addresses in the EU can uniformly declare value-added tax for their remote sales across the EU in their member states. It is worth mentioning that the above changes will not affect the sales or distribution of goods to EU B2B buyers. In such sales, the current VAT declaration requirements in the EU will continue to apply. Sellers still need to meet the VAT registration requirements of the EU countries/regions in which they hold inventory. In addition, Amazon started collecting and paying VAT on behalf of the UK as early as January this year.
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