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How to make wooden speakers yourself?

2021-01-30 1421
For diy, 18mm thick medium density fiberboard is usually used.
Calculate the board according to the volume of the box you calculated. Usually, the raw material is 1.2m*2.4m board. You can arrange your boards to see how to get the maximum utilization rate.
If you want to do it all at once, it is recommended that the actual volume is slightly larger than the calculated result, leaving some margin, so as to facilitate later adjustments. If the volume is too large, you can put some heavy blocks in it (in amateur conditions, get the sound-to-sound ratio by looking up the table) And the tuning ratio to determine the volume of the box and the inverter tube, the volume change will affect the total quality factor of the system).

If you have a table saw, you can buy the whole board and saw it by yourself. If you want to make holes, you may need a bench drill and a drilling tool. If you want to mill countersinks, you need a trimming machine.

How to make wooden speakers yourself?

If you do not have the above equipment, you can draw the size, mark the hole position, and find someone to help you process it. White glue and woodworking clamps are needed for panel splicing.
If you make a detachable back plate, just spread the embedded nuts evenly, and you need an electric drill and a drill bit. After the splicing is completed, you need to do surface treatment. There are many ways: if you paste the veneer, you need a utility knife, white glue, and an iron; you can also buy spray paint and spray it into the desired color; buy dye to dye the cabinet and then wax and polish it. Not bad.
The inverted tube can be a PVC water tube or a ready-made inverted tube in the market. In the calculation, the cross-sectional area can be taken to a similar ready-made value, and cut according to the length. The frequency divider is very tricky under amateur conditions. At least one simulation software is required to ensure that the frequency response is straight and there is no major problem with the phase connection. After the simulation is complete, you can test it yourself first. The signal generator can be used under amateur conditions. Check with the oscilloscope whether the crossover point is correct.
Pack it first, you need a test microphone and related software to test the total frequency response. If you don't have equipment, you can only listen to see if there is any abnormality near the crossover point, download a signal generator software, or find some familiar music with rich intermediate frequency information and listen to it.
To test the bass, the most convenient way in amateur conditions is to test the impedance and see the distribution of the double hump (if it is inverted).
Adjust the sound-absorbing cotton and volume until you are satisfied.
After there is no problem, install and fix the speakers, frequency divider, and binding posts, and lock the back panel. (If it is solid wood, you need more tools. You need a planer to make the board the same thickness. If your speaker is relatively large, it is best to make a straight tenon or dovetail tenon between the boards, because the solid wood board is too wide for a long time. There is a risk of deformation. If you do your own tenon, you need a dovetail template and an electric gong. The solid wood surface does not need to be veneered, just polish and paint.
Multi-layer boards can also be made, so I won't introduce it. ) For specific principles and technical methods, you can find a speaker production book by yourself, which is more detailed than any information on the Internet.
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