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Precautions before starting registration!

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Before starting to prepare the information needed for registration, there is one more thing to pay attention to, that is the account association problem, which is also a mistake many people make. Below I will share with you how to prevent account association during registration. . Please read this article carefully.

In order to prevent the account from being blocked due to account association, there are two points to check before starting the registration:

Make sure your registration environment is absolutely clean

①It is absolutely not allowed to use VPS cloud server or super browser to register. Both methods call the proxy IP. According to the test, 100% of the registration environment will be subject to a second review.

②Ensure that the network environment and computer system environment constructed by modems, routers, IP addresses, computers, browsers, etc. currently to be used have not previously logged in to Amazon or Amazon related accounts.

Make sure your registration information is absolutely clean

①When preparing the information, you need to ensure that your company name, legal person name and ID number, credit card, address information, registered email address, phone number, payment account number, etc., all the information that needs to be submitted when registering with Amazon is the first submission or Enter, if your information has been registered with Amazon before, it may cause account linking and account opening failure.

Whether it is Amazon or other cross-border e-commerce platforms, they will limit the number of accounts of the same seller to a certain extent in order to avoid the operation of multiple accounts of the same seller from disrupting the operation order of the platform. The same is true for Amazon. Amazon's official policy clearly stipulates that a seller cannot have multiple accounts for business without permission! Amazon has a strong ability to analyze big data. Only when you are more cautious about registering and logging in to your Amazon account can you avoid associations. Don't be lucky.

What does association mean?

Association refers to a situation in which Amazon recognizes that a seller has multiple accounts through data analysis, and then automatically closes all accounts that are identified as having an association relationship. Amazon's platform policy is strict. Once an association is detected, it will be punished by the platform. If the plot is lighter, it will be required to close the associated account voluntarily. If the plot is more serious, the related account will be directly closed by the system. If the seller is associated with an account during the operation, the loss will be huge.

How to prevent association, to sum up is the "three no principles"

1. Never operate multiple accounts on the same computer!

It should be noted here that the category of the same computer mentioned here refers to the various components of the computer including hardware and software, only after reinstalling the computer, formatting the hard disk, or replacing the network card motherboard, etc., after changing the behavior of a certain part of the computer The computer still belongs to the same computer. Amazon can obtain the computer's network card information, hard disk information, motherboard information, browser Cookies, browser plug-ins, and even fonts and font libraries through technical means. Therefore, if you want to operate different accounts, you need to ensure that the above are not the same to avoid association.

2. Never operate multiple accounts in the same network environment!

It should be noted here that the concept of the same network environment mentioned here includes the hardware, hardware information and identification information that constitute the network environment, including IP addresses, routers, modems, and MAC addresses. Only contact the network operator for replacement The network environment generated by changing the behavior of a certain part of the current network environment, such as IP address or changing the modem, still belongs to the same network environment. Amazon can easily obtain the information such as the IP address and MAC address when you log in to the Amazon backend. Therefore, if you want to operate different accounts, you need to replace all the hardware and IP addresses that make up the network environment to avoid association.

3. Never use any unique information to register multiple Amazon accounts!

All the materials and information you submit when registering for Amazon will be recorded by Amazon. If the same information is detected in different accounts, they will be associated. Therefore, if you want to operate different accounts, you need to ensure that your company name, legal person name and ID number, credit card, address information, phone number, registered email address, and payment account are all different to avoid association.

Regarding the registration environment and anti-association issues, we have compiled and answered the most frequently asked questions by seller friends:

Q: Will Amazon's seller account and buyer account also be linked?

A: Yes, if your computer or network environment has logged in to Amazon's buyer account, please do not use this environment to log in to your other seller accounts to avoid associations leading to the removal of the seller's sales authority.

Q: It is not possible to use VPS cloud server or super browser to register, but can I switch to VPS cloud server or super browser to wait for my account after registration, after all, these two are the best anti-association tools?

A: Yes, but after the registration is completed, it is recommended to continue using the registration environment for a period of time before logging in with a VPS cloud server or super browser, and the original registration environment cannot log in to any other Amazon accounts.

Q: Can different sites of the same set of materials be logged in under the same computer and network environment?

A: Yes, although it is said that a very small number of sellers have been blocked because of associations in this way, but it is easier to appeal back. It is recommended that you contact the Amazon Investment Manager in advance before registering an account, and use the link given by the Investment Manager to register. Also note that different sites need to use different mailboxes to register.

Precautions before starting registration!

Q: Can I use a clean computer + wireless network card to log in to the Amazon seller account?

A: Yes.

Q: If two different seller accounts list the same product, and the product picture, SKU, product description, etc. are the same, will there be association?

A: If the product similarity between the two stores is greater than 30%, it may be related.

The above are the things you need to pay attention to before registering a store on Amazon. Remember! If you still have questions, you can contact us "Singularity Going to Sea" for consultation, we will share and exchange learning with you, and hope to help you.
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