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How to distinguish the categories of speakers

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Nowadays, the level of program signal source equipment and power amplifiers has been done very high. An audio system composed of high-quality audio sources, high-quality amplifiers and speaker systems, its playback quality mainly depends on the speakers. The speaker is also called the speaker system. It is an extremely important part of the audio system, because the sound quality of the speaker has a great impact on the entire audio system.
Then there are many ways to classify speakers, and the common classifications are as follows:
According to the audio frequency
Can be divided into full-band speakers, bass speakers and subwoofer speakers. The so-called full-band speaker refers to the sound that can cover the low, mid and high frequency ranges. The lower limit frequency of the full-band speaker is generally 30Hz-60Hz, and the upper limit frequency is 15kHz-20kHz.

In general small and medium-sized audio systems, only one or two pairs of full-band speakers can be used to fully take on the playback task. Bass speakers and subwoofers are generally dedicated speakers used to supplement the low-frequency and ultra-low frequency playback of full-band speakers. This type of speaker is generally used in large and medium-sized audio systems to enhance the strength and shock of low-frequency playback. When in use, most of the frequency is divided by an electronic crossover (crossover), the low frequency signal is sent to a special bass amplifier, and then the bass or subwoofer speaker is promoted.

How to distinguish the categories of speakers

According to the purpose
Generally can be divided into main speakers. Monitor speakers and return speakers, etc. The main sound box is generally used as the main sound box of the sound system to undertake the main sound reproduction task. The performance of the main playback speaker has a great impact on the playback quality of the entire audio system, and a full-band speaker plus a subwoofer speaker can also be used for combined playback.
Monitor speakers are used for program monitoring in control rooms and recording studios. They have the characteristics of small distortion, wide and flat frequency response, and little modification of the signal, so they can most truly reproduce the original appearance of the program. Back-to-listening speakers, also known as stage monitor speakers, are generally used on the stage or dance hall for actors or band members to monitor their singing or performance.
This is because they are located behind the main sound box on the stage and cannot hear their own voice or the band's performance clearly, so they cannot cooperate well or can't find out the feeling, which seriously affects the performance. Generally, the return-to-listening speaker is made of a bevel shape and placed on the ground, so that it can be placed on the stage without affecting the overall shape of the stage, and it can be heard clearly by the people on the stage during playback, and the sound will not be fed back to the microphone. Howling.

According to the occasion of use
Divided into two categories: professional speakers and home speakers. Household speakers are generally used for home playback, and are characterized by delicate and soft playback sound quality, more refined and beautiful appearance, not high playback sound pressure level, and relatively little power. Professional speakers are generally used in professional entertainment venues such as dance halls, karaoke halls, theaters, auditoriums and stadiums.
Generally, professional speakers have high sensitivity, high playback sound pressure, good power, and high power. Compared with home speakers, their sound quality is harder and their appearance is not very delicate. However, the performance of monitor speakers in professional speakers is similar to that of home speakers, and their appearance is generally more exquisite and compact, so this type of monitor speakers are often used in home Hi-Fi audio systems.
According to the cabinet structure
It can be divided into sealed speakers, inverted speakers, labyrinth speakers, sonic tube speakers and multi-cavity resonant speakers.
Among them, the most used in professional speakers is the inverted speaker, which is characterized by wide frequency response, high efficiency, and large sound pressure, which is in line with the type of professional audio system speakers, but because of its low efficiency, it is less in professional speakers. Application, mainly used for household speakers, only a few monitor speakers adopt a closed box structure. The sealed speaker has the advantages of simple design and manufacture, wide frequency response, and good low-frequency transient characteristics, but it has higher requirements for the dial unit. At present, in all kinds of speakers, inverted speakers and sealed speakers account for the majority of the proportions. Other types of speakers have many structural forms, but they account for a small proportion.
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