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The difference between USB3.0 and USB2.0

2021-04-07 632
1. The launch of USB3.0 video conferencing cameras

USB3.0 is a new USB specification, which was initiated by large companies such as Intel. With the continuous development and progress of hardware, higher transmission speeds and larger bandwidths are increasingly being valued by people. The transmission speed of 2,300M per second will become more and more difficult for people to settle for the status quo. Video conferencing equipment also has higher and higher requirements for high-definition and smoothness in a simple and easy-to-understand situation. Launched in 2014, USB3.0, 1080P/30 pure high-definition, high-speed video conference cameras use drive-free technology, easy to install, plug and play, and provide a higher transmission speed of 4.8GB per second. And compatible with the USB2.0 interface, the old and new computers can be switched for use; and there are three appearances, a variety of movements, which can be customized for different requirements of customers.

The difference between USB3.0 and USB2.0

2. How to distinguish 3.0 from 2.0 from the outside
USB3.0 is blue.
USB3.0 carefully look at the interface, it has metal pieces on top and bottom, it is a dual-channel interface.
Only the upper part of the USB2.0 interface is metal and the center in the middle is black.
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