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Those bad service providers encountered by Amazon sellers

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On the Amazon platform, the number of sellers has grown substantially every year.
With the increase in the number of sellers, the number of service providers who rely on sellers to survive has also increased significantly.
Service providers cover a wide range of fields, such as off-site promotion, order review, video shooting, and head-to-head services.
In short, as long as it serves Amazon sellers, it can be called a service provider.
As the so-called professional people do professional things, service providers are actually a very important group in the Amazon ecosystem.
It is with these service providers that sellers will be more efficient when dealing with a lot of business.
However, where there are people, there are rivers and lakes. Over time, some service providers have started their own botched performances.
Recently, a few old friends who are doing cross-border drinking together, listened to them to complain about two experiences of being deceived, and shared with everyone.

Everyone must be vigilant when encountering similar situations in the future.

Those bad service providers encountered by Amazon sellers

Encounter 1: Malicious blackmail
One day last month, friend A suddenly received a call from a person who claimed to be a service provider.
The service provider said straightforwardly that a competitor entrusted them to place a lot of evaluation sheets at friend A's shop, and the evaluation sheets were required to have a one-star bad review.
When friends were in doubt, the service sent several order numbers via SMS.
After careful checking by my friend, these numbers are all orders placed at the same time, and the delivery addresses are different.
Obviously this is a habitual professional offender.
In the process of checking the order, the service provider called again and said that if they did not pay 1,000 yuan as the required "compensation" and returned the payment, they would give bad reviews to the store's products one by one.
In fact, I encountered this kind of encounter a few years ago, and in the end I didn't let the liar succeed.
Of course, the price is indeed that a certain product has been given a lot of bad reviews in a short period of time.
But, like this, if you give in, there may be a second and third time.
Just like some people spend money to rush to sell, the more they rush in the end, the more they come.
Some service providers just help you catch up and sell, and then turn around to sell you, and then make your second money.
In the above encounter, now friend A just refunded all the order numbers provided by the person, and sent him all the screenshots of the refund.
As for the retaliatory action threatened by the liar, I haven't seen it yet.
Such scams are actually not aimed at a single seller. These people usually choose a group of sellers, and then finally pick a few scary persimmons.
Therefore, sellers should try their best to stick to their own position when encountering such things, and don't give in easily.
Don't encourage this kind of bad behavior in the industry.

Encounter two: second-hand tester
The employee of friend B encountered a professional second-hand service provider while conducting the assessment.
The service provider first briefly introduced some of its evaluation services, and also took screenshots of the pp payment status of some seller accounts that it evaluated before.
The purpose is to let the seller know that he is evaluated by a real person and his service is reliable.
In fact, for the first cooperation, there were relatively few orders, the process was fairly smooth, and the payment evaluation was very smooth.
But by the time of the second cooperation, the service provider suddenly disappeared.
Not long after, another service provider came to the door.
Said that the employee of Friend B has placed a lot of evaluation forms with him, but after the evaluation, he has not paid for it for a long time.
Friend B understood the ins and outs of the matter in an instant.
It turned out that the employee was looking for an evaluator who paid the principal with the order number, and the evaluator changed hands and sold the order to another evaluator who could pay for the order.
After receiving the principal, the first tester cancelled all orders and disappeared immediately.
Now the service provider who posted the review came to ask for the principal and commission of the product.
In such a situation, I can only admit that I am unlucky.
The above two encounters can be said to be just the tip of the iceberg of serving the business community.
In the future cooperation process, the seller can observe the reputation of the service provider more.
Taking test evaluation as an example, several large cross-border portal websites will have blacklists of evaluation service providers.
Before you cooperate, filter their contact information such as QQ and WeChat, and you may not be fooled so easily.
Hope the above content will help you.
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