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How to promote Amazon's new store in the U.S.

2021-04-07 637
Many people know the ways to promote on and off Amazon, but they don’t know how to start. Seeing others doing it in full swing, they can only do it in a hurry. Therefore, for sellers who want to promote Amazon's new store, they need to know more about the ways and methods of attracting traffic, then let's take a look at what are the methods of Amazon's new store promotion in the US.

1. Off-site promotion
Off-site promotion is nothing more than the use of third-party website platforms to promote their own products. The most suitable ones are Google affiliate advertising and Facebook, which are low-cost and effective.

1. Blog drainage
Blog drainage is done by a lot of people. Although the effect is relatively slow, it is still somewhat effective. If you want to spend money, the effect may be faster, that is, your product advertisements will be placed in other people’s blogs. Pay per click.

2. Forum drainage
Forum drainage is just a brief mention, the effect is actually not great.

3. Coupon Station
For some brands, the Coupon station drainage effect will be better.

4. Video drainage
You can place videos of your own products on major video websites, such as Vimeo, YouTube, etc.

How to promote Amazon's new store in the U.S.

5. Social platforms
Social platform drainage is the most extensive one, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. are the most popular social platforms at the moment. If you don’t understand these drainage methods, you can click Facebook drainage tutorial, Twitter drainage tutorial, Pinterest drainage tutorial, which are all detailed Narrated how to channel traffic through these three platforms.

6.deal station drainage
The drainage effect of the Deal station is great, the traffic is indeed a lot, but the conversion rate is not particularly high, mainly depends on your own products.

7. Advertise
You can place product advertisements and text in different reviews, such as elance, fivver, etc.

8.Lifehacker drainage
Lifehacker ranks more than 300 in the world, the traffic is quite scary, it depends on whether you will be attracted.

2. Promotion within the site

1. Promotion
After the product is published and the evaluation is done, there are a few things that need to be done before paying for promotion. Promotions on the site are an indispensable form of promotion for us. This will increase the customer's purchase rate and customer unit price. , Deals is also a good way of propaganda on the site that we need to do

2. PPC paid promotion
The rules of paid keywords on the site are the same as we do for Google and AliExpress through train promotion. The matching degree of keywords, the matching degree of listing, and the performance of listing will all affect the effect of our advertising. On the one hand, we can directly obtain it through paid advertising. Orders and traffic, on the one hand, adjust our listing according to the performance of the advertisement.
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