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How to distinguish between an inverted speaker and a closed speaker

2021-04-06 372
At present, home theater speakers on the market are mainly divided into two types, phase-inverted type and closed type, in terms of acoustic structure.

As the name suggests, the speaker unit is installed in a closed cabinet, so that the speaker cone is divided into two airtight spaces at the front and back, and the response speed of the unit can be greatly improved, and at the same time, the details of the low frequency are displayed. It is also quite rich. The clean and clear sound is characterized by the style of this type of speaker. Relatively speaking, the overall sensitivity of the speaker is relatively low, which is not conducive to driving.

Features: Simple structure, easier production, better transient response, that is, the sense of hearing is deep and clear.

How to distinguish between an inverted speaker and a closed speaker

The phase-inverted sound box inverts the phase of the radiated wave from the back of the speaker unit through an inverting tube, and then superimposes it with the front sound wave of the speaker unit, thereby further broadening the lower limit of the speaker's low frequency and obtaining more low-frequency energy at the same time.

It has higher power bearing capacity and lower distortion than closed speakers, sufficient low-frequency volume, and high sensitivity. It is characterized by wide frequency response, high efficiency, and high sound pressure.

Buying a home theater audio is a headache for the general public. After all, they don’t know what kind of audio is a good audio. I hope everyone can master some basic audio knowledge.
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