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Wooden sound aesthetics

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Wooden audio aesthetics is proposed by Ai HIFI from the perspective of people’s aesthetics of audio, with wooden audio itself as the main object, to study the relationship between the shape, sound quality, positioning of audio and people’s aesthetic consciousness, so as to make all aspects of audio better For extreme science. Wood sound aesthetics is a branch of aesthetics, and it is an emerging discipline that is based on acoustics and aesthetics and discusses beauty and aesthetic issues in the audio field.


Wooden audio aesthetics is a very broad concept, which not only contains explicit aesthetics such as audio modeling, materials, and design concepts, but also includes implicit aesthetics such as audio technology, sound, and positioning. The audio equipment that conforms to the aesthetics of wooden audio is not only exaggerated in materials and beautiful appearance, but also lies in the superb overall quality; it is a high-quality wooden audio that is both internal and external, and the appearance and sound quality reach a certain height.

Wooden sound aesthetics

Box aesthetics
Box aesthetics is the external manifestation of wooden audio aesthetics. To sum up, box aesthetics has three characteristics: imagery, infectiousness and creativity, and consists of three parts: box shape, box material and box design concept.
1. Box shape
The box shape is the external image of the sound that can be felt by human sense organs and has a certain appreciation value.
2. Box material
The cabinet material refers to the specific types of wood used in the audio cabinet. On July 6, 2015, the only wood materials that can meet the cabinet aesthetic standards are Canadian logs, Danish logs and Norwegian logs.
3. Cabinet design concept
The cabinet design concept is that the designer integrates various styles into the appearance of the cabinet, so that the appearance of the speaker is no longer a superficial glitz, but has certain connotations, making the speaker full of personality. This personality and speaker The temperament of the host matches.
When the home audio is embedded in the cabinet aesthetics, the audio is no longer just a listening device, but becomes a visual enjoyment and impact, turning the audio into a book with both wonderful content and endless aftertaste.
Technical aesthetics
Technical aesthetics is divided into three types: cabinet technology, speaker technology and crossover technology. Broadly speaking, it is a comprehensive technology that uses various methods to improve the sound quality of the sound system, and improve the sound quality and sound field effect.
1. Cabinet technology
The cabinet technology can be understood as the cabinet internal structure technology, and its main function is to suppress its acoustic resonance, broaden the sound's frequency response range, and reduce distortion.
2. Speaker technology
The speaker is one of the most important components in the sound system, and it is the main factor that determines the sound effect. The loudspeaker technology is various, its purpose is to improve the sound quality and efficiency of the high frequency, middle frequency and low frequency.
3. Frequency divider technology
The crossover is the "brain" in the audio, which is very important to the sound quality. The main function of the frequency divider technology is to allow each unit to maximize its strengths and avoid its weaknesses, and to give full play to their respective potentials, so that the frequency response of each frequency band becomes smooth and the sound image phase is accurate.
Technological aesthetics can make the music played by the audio have clear, co-production, clear, comfortable, broad, natural and other sound quality effects, which can not be achieved by ordinary audio.
Vocal aesthetics

Sound system aesthetics is divided into two aspects: sound genre and sound type.
1. Sound genre
American Sound: The sound dynamic range is large, and the performance and dynamics of the sound are better. It is very suitable for the requirements of home theater and Hollywood movies.
British Voice: The performance of music details is delicate, more suitable for playing classical music.
Danish Sound: The sound characteristics are warm and mellow, and it is famous for its replay ability to express the connotation of music.
2. Sound type
Sound field system: Refers to the overall sound effect of the sound that focuses on the creation of the sound field, with a wide and deep sound field and a strong sense of presence.
Sound quality system: refers to the overall sound effect of the audio is more prominent in tone and resolution, and the details are rich.

Positioning aesthetics
It can be divided into three types: home positioning, function positioning and price positioning.
1. Home positioning
Home positioning studies the overall style of the audio and which type of home environment matches, so that your audio-visual room is no longer an illusory auditory enjoyment, and truly achieves the unity of all-round vision and hearing, so that the space has both visual beauty , And can realize entertainment functions such as watching movies and listening to music.
It includes three components: use area, applicable space and home style.
Usable area: specifically refers to the largest area that can be covered by the sound field of the speaker, including three specifications of 10-20 square meters, 20-30 square meters, and 30 square meters.
Applicable space: Refers to the type of room that is suitable for placement according to the overall style of the audio, such as audio-visual room, music room, recording room, bedroom, study room, living room, etc.
Home style: Refers to the style of home that matches the appearance and temperament of the audio. The home types included in the wooden audio aesthetics include Chinese retro, warm and romantic, Toronto sentiment, fashion mix and match, urban trends, British pioneers, classic luxury, European elegance and elegance Twelve kinds of grandeur, American pride, light pastoral, elegant and soft.
2. Functional positioning
Refers to the combination of the characteristics of the audio itself to determine its most suitable function, including nine functions of entertainment, film, music, K song, game, prenatal education, early education, audio therapy, and monitoring.
3. Price positioning
Refers to the price range positioning of audio, including six ranges of cost-effective theaters, home HIFI theaters, mid-range mainstream theaters, high-end luxury theaters, entry-level HIFI audio, and monitor-level high-end HIFI audio.

Research task
In addition to the research task of wooden acoustic aesthetics as a discipline, it should reveal and clarify aesthetic phenomena, help people understand the general characteristics and laws of appreciation and creation of acoustic aesthetics, and further improve and develop the discipline of wooden acoustic aesthetics itself, and thereby improve people's In addition to the ability to appreciate audio, it can also promote the continuous development of the audio industry and the continuous optimization of audio equipment! This is what Romain Roland calls "continuous pursuit of excellence". Wooden audio aesthetics is a super-worldly utilitarian science, which reflects people's desire and pursuit for the ultimate audio equipment.

Research methods
How to understand the essence of wooden audio aesthetics?
1. Wooden audio aesthetics is a humanities subject, which studies people's aesthetic phenomena of audio.
2. Wood audio aesthetics is closely related to art, and the study of wood audio aesthetics is inseparable from the study of art.
3. The aesthetics of wooden audio is inseparable from home aesthetics. Audio and home are closely connected, and the aesthetics of wooden audio is closely related to all aspects of home aesthetics.
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