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Headphone care method

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Headphones are one of the important accessories that people often use to listen to music and watch movies, so how to maintain the headphones? The following editor will introduce to you, I hope it will be useful to you!

9 ways to maintain headphones
1. It is best not to wear earphones while sleeping, otherwise it will cause the earphone cord to be twisted together or entangled around the neck, or even cause the shell to be crushed. If you need to wear headphones to listen to the radio and fall asleep, the best way is to tie the headphone cable with a rubber band above your head and hang it on the head of the bed, so that the headphones will not be pressed even if you turn over.
2. Wipe off the sweat on the earphone cable after using the earphones. These human secretions are the invisible killer of the wire. Over time, the wire will age, which will eventually lead to seams and breaks.
3. It is best not to smoke when using the earphones, otherwise it is easy to burn the earphone shell and earphone cable. In addition, soot will enter the earphone shell and stick to the diaphragm, and the sound quality will change over time.
4. Be sure to turn down the volume of the audio source device before use. If the volume of the output device is too loud, it will not only damage the ears, but also burn the voice coil of the earphones in serious cases.
5. Keep away from moisture, otherwise it will cause the pads in the earphone unit to rust and increase the resistance, which will cause the earphone to bias.
6. It is best not to use it outside in winter. In winter, the weather is cold, and the wire is hard and brittle. Excessive bending can easily break the wire. At this time, the earphone cable cannot be heated, as the high temperature will accelerate the aging of the cable.
7. Make sure that the earphone grille is clean and don't expose it to excessive dust.
8. During use, the earphone cable should try to avoid man-made damage such as pulling, heavy pressure, etc.

9. The earphone is a personal item, it is best not to use it for communication, if it is used for communication, it must be cleaned, and the earplugs should be cleaned.

Headphone care method

Tips for headphone maintenance
1. Pay attention to the wearing method
When wearing some earphones, try not to let the wires come into direct contact with the skin. First, it will be more comfortable, and secondly, it can also avoid the influence of sweat on the wires.

2. Humidity is the natural enemy of headphones
If the earphones are in a wet state, the pads in the earphone unit will be rusted, the resistance will increase, and your earphones will be biased.

3. No room for bacteria
Due to the special way of wearing earphones, direct contact with the ear canal will inevitably produce bacteria. If earwax or other dirt is not cleaned up in time, it is likely to endanger health.

4. Keep the headphones away from strong magnets
Strong magnetism will weaken the internal components of the earphone, and the sensitivity will decrease over time, which reduces the sound quality of the earphone.

5. Do not disassemble the headset by yourself
The curiosity is too strong, so I want to take a look at the headset. Facts have proved that 80% non-professional disassembly will make the headset unable to continue working or appear partial sound.

6. The earphone volume should not be too loud
Excessive volume will not only cause damage to your ears, but also damage or even damage the life of the headset. Therefore, it is best not to turn the volume to the maximum when listening to music.

7. It is best not to use it outside in winter
In the cold winter, the wire is hard and brittle, and excessive bending can easily break the wire. But don't heat the headphone cable at this time. High temperature will accelerate the aging of the cable.

8. Keep away from chemicals
The lacquer on the earphone shell is easily dissolved in organic chemicals, and it doesn't look good if it is stained.

9. Find a "home" for the headset!
After using the earphones, do not "roll" the earphones on the phone, and do not arbitrarily shrink the earphones in the bag. Instead, put them in the bag that comes with the earphones. When you don't need to use a long cord, you can roll up the earphone with a cord reel.

10. Don't pull hard, wear lightly
Be gentle when using the earphones. Try not to wear the earphones when you sleep at night. After falling asleep, the earphones are likely to be damaged. In fact, it is more important to affect your health.
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