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What are the functions of the omnidirectional microphone function?

2021-04-06 538
The omnidirectional microphone is a portable conference phone product, which is easy to carry and has a classic and elegant appearance, and is welcomed by many users. The pickup direction of the omnidirectional microphone can be selected and set according to the meeting scene. It is suitable for use in offices and conference rooms. Its function is very powerful. Today, I will introduce you to the functions of the omnidirectional microphone.

1. Wireless mobile phone conference function

The omnidirectional microphone is used as an external portable speaker and microphone device of a wireless mobile phone, and can be used for wireless mobile phone conferences. After the wireless mobile phone is installed and connected, the mobile phone conference can be carried out after the call of the other party is connected. If you want to end the conference call, you can follow the mobile phone's operation method of pressing the hang-up key, and just end it.

What are the functions of the omnidirectional microphone function?

2. Computer network teleconference function
The omnidirectional microphone can also be used as a computer network teleconference. During the computer network teleconference, if the other party hears too much or too low a voice, you can let the other party adjust the receiving volume to meet the requirements. If it is still not enough, you can Adjust the volume of the computer’s microphone.

3. Recording and music playback functions
The omnidirectional microphone can be used for recording and computer music playback through mobile phone or computer recording and music player applications.
What are the functions of the omnidirectional microphone function? Through the above points, everyone has a certain understanding. It can be seen that the omnidirectional microphone has many functions, not only for network or mobile phone conferences, but also for recording and music playback. You can use it with confidence.
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