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Burst! Amazon suddenly scans the account number, and the old seller has been tried for the second time, which may be related to this reason

2021-04-06 574
At about 10:30 on the evening of April 2, the sweeping monk received a call from a friend on his way home from get off work, saying that the Amazon store he had been operating for many years had suddenly been tried for the second time. Is there any solution? His situation is more urgent. He has just sent more than 100,000 yuan to the Amazon warehouse, and there are still tens of thousands of yuan in the shop that have not been submitted.

After returning home, dozens of messages popped up on the phone, all of which were the result of the second review of the Amazon store to find a solution. I feel that this problem is not simple: Amazon is scanning accounts again! This time the number scan was less than 10 days after Amazon's last scan. This will give Amazon sellers a way to survive!

I took a look at everyone's situation, most of them are FBA sellers, and the shops are in normal operating condition. If their store is closed, the loss will be at least 100,000 or more. From the point of view of any platform, these sellers are absolute high-quality sellers. One thing to say is that this wave of Amazon's operations has really chilled the old sellers.

Of course, Amazon's sudden arrival of this wave of operations is definitely not a rash action. These Amazon stores that were reviewed for the second instance have several things in common:

They are all old shops, and have been in business for many years, and there is no record of violations.

The registered information does not match. This includes the legal person information and the true holder of the credit card, and the information does not match.

Although there is no evidence that Amazon can detect credit card holders, this possibility cannot be ruled out based on the store information that was reviewed this time.

To solve this problem, it is necessary to provide water, electricity, coal, bank card bills. Most of the sellers who were reviewed this time were unable to provide bills. In this case, you can only be a dead horse doctor and try the P picture job.

In addition to the second review, there are some shops that require re-providing verification information, such as business licenses, legal person information, etc., to reactivate the shop. This is not difficult, and ordinary sellers can solve it by themselves.

Burst! Amazon suddenly scans the account number, and the old seller has been tried for the second time, which may be related to this reason

It has to be said that the threshold and requirements for Amazon to open a store have become higher and higher, and a large number of seller accounts will be removed in the future. In order to prevent huge economic losses due to the second trial, the sweeping monk gives you a few suggestions:

The registration tries to use true and matching information. Before that, I said that the credit card bills under the legal person’s name could not be used, but now it is needed, and it is necessary. In the future, it will be more and more difficult for Amazon to open a store, and the value of the account will also be higher and higher. I really don't want everyone to suffer unnecessary losses due to data problems.

Operate as many stores as possible. What needs to be told to new sellers here is that Amazon is a platform that emphasizes products but not stores, and multi-store operations will not affect the weight of the product link.

Multi-store operation and not putting eggs in one basket can increase the seller’s ability to resist risks and flexibly respond to Amazon’s various “irrational” behaviors.

Companies with conditions can use American companies to register Amazon stores. Relatively speaking, Amazon is much more friendly to Amazon stores registered by American companies. In addition to certain categories of privileges, the probability of a second trial for stores registered by American companies will also be much lower.
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