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Amazon registered Q&A highlights column (Q25-Q35)

2021-04-06 546
Q: Is it necessary to register a store with a second trial?
A: No, the audit is triggered with probability.

Q: How much is the Amazon store?
A; USD 39.99

Q: The information I prepared is black and white. Can I register with Amazon?
A: No, Amazon does not accept black-and-white, blurry, or non-original materials.

Q: Can I register with Amazon using VPS?
A: No, you must not use VPS, VPN, or super browser to register for Amazon. This can easily trigger an audit and the associated risks.

Q: Will the Amazon registered store have an impact because of the buyer number?
A: Yes, this is a low-risk related event.

Q: Will there be problems in the second instance when Amazon Credit Card is not a legal person?

A: There is a problem. The best way to register on Amazon is to use a corporate credit card.

Amazon registered Q&A highlights column (Q25-Q35)

Although it is theoretically possible to not use the person’s credit card, if Amazon finds that your credit card is inconsistent with the business license information, Amazon will initiate a review and ask you to provide a credit card bill. At this time, you need to change the credit card bound to your back office back to the legal person, and then submit the credit card bill to pass the review. Billing requirements: The legal person/company's header is required, and the address on the bill must be consistent with the address you filled in the back office.

Q: Is there a high chance of triggering a second instance of Amazon's upgrade of professional sellers?
A: The probability that a store’s personal sales plan is upgraded to a professional sales plan to trigger the second review is not high, and more often it triggers the qualification review.
Of course, you may not encounter a qualification review when you upgrade. If you are not lucky enough, then follow the email prompts to submit the information that Amazon needs us to submit. After the review is passed, it will be fine.

Q: I registered Amazon through the investment promotion manager. One of the managers did not return me. I found another manager. Now both managers have returned to me. What is the impact?
A: You can apply for a link on either side. You can use whichever you download first.

Q: Can the personal information of an Amazon sub-account be used to register a new account?
A: No

Q: To enter Amazon, the business license is different, the legal person is different, but the address on the ID card of the legal person is the same, will it be associated?
A: No. But pay attention: contact information, email address, business license address, residential address, and IP and equipment at the time of registration cannot appear the same.
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